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In October 2016 I was part of an international group (participants from the USA, Canada, Australia, Austria, Italy and Serbia) under the leadership of S. Ivanova and visited a number of so-called necropolises, ruins rock and megalithic structures, natural and archaeological parks and medieval towns, located on the territory of the former Etruscan necropolises of Cerveteri, Tarquinia, Blair, Vasanello, Castel de Aso, Norcia, Sutri, reserve Monte Casoli di Bomarzo, the park monsters Bomarzo Mostra, Etruscan and medieval town of Orvieto, Pitigliano, Sorano, stone roads and ruts in Cerveteri, Blair, Via Amerine, Castel de Aso, Norcia, Pitigliano, Sovana, megalithic walls of Ameria and Norba and other objects. The obtained materials showed that the rock, megalithic cities, "necropolises" and stone roads and tracks of central Italy, Etruria, do not differ from similar formations of other areas of the Mediterranean region, dated me before mid-late Miocene age (15-6 million years ago). However, it has its own peculiarities, which I had never encountered before


This section contains a large selection of photographs with my comments on the roads and ruts of the Neogene time in Turkey (the Phrygian Valley, Cappadocia, Kayseri), and also on comparison of fossil (stone) and modern (excavated in the ground) basins, pits, ditches, wells, graves, round holes, hollows, stairs, etc., and depicted on bas-reliefs of ancient and modern animals. Conclusions are made about the Neogene age of most ancient structures and bas-reliefs


In May 2016, I together with A. Zhikharev, I. Vanaga, A. Vanaga, S. Ivanova and Mario K. visited several important archaeological sites in Spain: the underground city of hobbits Covetes dels Moros in the city Bokairent, rock towns and stone ruts of  Castelar de Meca and Thiermes, stone roads, ruts and terraced mountain slopes of Bocairent, Humillja and Padul, the Elven town Esperilla, the Bobastro rock complex, the rock underground complexes of Carmona and the Sierra de San Cristobal el Puerto de Santa Maria, Seyds of Castro de Ulaca, Dolmens Viera, Menga, Soto, Lakara and other objects. The materials obtained once again confirmed the widespread distribution of the rock underground megalithic complex, made it possible to clarify its mid-late Miocene age (15-7 million years ago) and to identify several "elven" cities. It was quite expected that a large number of petrified ruts from wheels of cars or all-terrain vehicles in the middle-upper Miocene (15-7 million years) predominantly continental sediments were found


In August 2015 I visited four rock (cave) cities of the Crimea: Chufut-Kale, Tepe-Kermen, Mangup-Kale, Eski-Kermen and the cave monastery of Kachi-Kaljon, which can be attributed to the rock city with some convention. The studies I conducted showed their identity to the previously visited rock cities of Turkey, Israel and Bulgaria and once again confirmed the widespread of underground-land-megalithic complex of the middle-late Miocene age in the Eastern Mediterranean. In the rock towns of Chufut-Kale, Eski-Kerman and Bakhchisaray, I also research the stone ruts and compared them with the petrified ruts from wheels of the Phrygian valley in Central Anatolia (Turkey). The materials I received made it possible to specify the age of the stone roads of Turkey and the Crimea - both of them, most likely, 15 million years. In addition to the rock towns and stone roads of the Crimea, I managed to see several cave monasteries, the ancient city of Chersonese, the medieval fortress of Funa and a number of other objects


In February 2015, I again visited several important archaeological sites in Israel: Khurvat Midras, Hurvat Burgin of the Adulam National Park, the Luzit Bell Caves, caves of prehistoric mankind Carmel, traveled to the most interesting ruins of rock cities of the neighborhoods of the Atlit railway station, Khurvat Quarta and Migdal Malcha Nature Reserve, audited the previously surveyed megalithic and rock formations of the Kotel tunnel, the city of David, the Jerusalem archaeological park and the rock base of Jerusalem, and explored a number of new archaeological sites: Ayalon Park, Tel Azeka, Hurwat Tefen and others. The materials I have received have once again confirmed the wide spread of underground-terrestrial megalithic complex on Earth, making up the foundation of all known historical structures, beginning from the XII-X millennium BC


In August 2014 I and A.Zhiharev visited several important archaeological sites in Bulgaria, located in the Thracian valley - the continuation of the Phrygian Valley of Turkey: rock towns and the sanctuaries of Perperikon, Tatul, Deaf Stones, Kamaka (Kamenische, Malko Tarnovo), Belintash, Harman Kaya and others. We also looked the famous cave Prohodna near Lukovit, the cave Saeva Dupka next to it, and visited the "pearl" of Bulgaria Pobiti Kamni (Petrified or Stone Forest) near Varna - a prehistoric forest of 50 million age with petrified trees up to 10 m, as well as ancient megalithic "observatory" Begliktash on the Black Sea coast. The main results of our research are: 1) evidence that the underground and  terrestrial megalithic complex, separated by me in Turkey and Israel, and dated by the Neogene period, continue in Bulgaria; 2) discovery of new megalithic "elven fortress" and towns; 3) obtaining independent evidence that the underground and terrestrial megalithic complex could remain from the Neogene and Paleogene periods . Unexpected and requires further investigation was the discovery of numerous craters from explosions (meteorites or projectiles) on the rocky surface of the plateau Belintash


In May 2014 I, along with A.Zhiharev, A.Kuznetsov and A.Lagutkina visited several important archaeological sites in Turkey: the capital of the Hittite Empire Hattushash (Hattusa) near Bogazkale, located not far from it Yazilikaya Sanctuary and an ancient city of Alaca Höyük, as well as the plateau or town of Midas near Yazılıkaya village (Great Yazilikaya) and a large number of rock and underground towns, "churches" and "tombs" of Phrygian Valley, situated on the plateau (of) Yazılıkaya in Central Anatolia.  The obtained materials have once again confirmed wide spread of underground and terrestrial megalithic complex, allowed to specify its Neogene, mainly middle-late Miocene age (15-11 million years ago), and marked out a particular type of "elf" towns built on tops of forbidding mountains in the form of landscaped gardens.  A pleasant unexpectedness was the discovery of a large number of petrified traces of wheels of cars, or all-terrain vehicles in the Upper Miocene (14-12 million years) tuffs and tuffites overlain by unconsolidated Quaternary deposits and extended from the city of Eskishehir in the north  to the city of Afiyon in the south (about 100 km)


In January-February 2014, I visited the most important cultural, historical and archaeological sites of Sri Lanka: Sigiriya, Dambulla, Anuradhapura, Polonnaruwa, Panduvasnuvaru, Kandy and others. See the photos made by me, and read the comments to them in the Photo Gallery. See and read also my report on the study of rock complex of Sigiriya, Anuradhapura and other cities in Sri Lanka


In August 2013 I visited a number of dolmen complexes located in the district of Gelendzhik, Krasnodar Territory.  Carried out researches and study of the photos of dolmens allowed me to assume that they were built before glaciation or flood, 24-55 thousand years ago or even earlier. It was also noted the similarity of the architecture of dolmens, the Lycian tombs in Turkey and the necropolis of Beit She'arim in Israel and has been suggested that they were built by one nation


In October and November 2011, I visited several important archaeological sites in Israel: Maresha and Bet Guvrin of Bet Guvrin-Maresha National Park, Susiya, Jerusalem Archaeological Park, and others. I received the materials confirming the previously made in the tunnel of Kotel, Jerusalem Archaeological Park, and Nimrod Fortress conclusions, that the age of these structures is at least many tens or hundreds of thousands of years, and most likely it amount to millions of years


In April 2012, I visited a number of interesting sites of Cappadocia: Derinkuyu, Ozkonak and Kaymakli underground cities, Tatlarin, Cavusin rock cities and others. I received the materials which once again confirm that all these buildings were built hundreds of thousands - millions of years ago. As a preliminary I considered their age is 13-4 million years


I suggest to look at the Photo gallery and My explorations, in which the photos are placed which were made by me during visiting of historical monuments, archaeological sites and sights of Thailand, Cambodia, Israel, Jordan, Turkey and Russia

NEW Read new work C.Pilz. Kailash temple at Ellora – preserving ancient wisdom for mankind and translations into English of my works Human civilization is millions of years old. Researches on the edge of geology and folklore are proving that, History rewriting; the difficulties in discovering remains of pre deluge technogenic civilisations and global spreading of town ruins belonging to Neogene-Pleistocene civilisations, that lived in harmony with nature, When were the rock and underground towns built in Mediterranean region? Geologist view (reflections after the trip to Crimea). Part 2. How did rock and underground towns look and what was the purpose for building them? performing by A Semenov, On reasons for widespread and well conservation ruins of Neogene civilization in Mediterranean performing by A Semenov, Cenozoic mountain-folded belts and Neogene under/above ground megalithic complex performing by A Semenov, Archeoacoustics of ancient buildings and its use for comfortable living and healing people (project for a grant) performing by P Zhurko, When were the rock and underground towns built in Mediterranean region? Geologist view (reflections after the trip to Crimea), Neogen (15-6 million years ago) road and track global network in Mediterranean, Crimean petrified wheel tracks - the Neogen roads, Humanitarian mission in the Neogene – the heroes who saved victims of flood who had taken refuge underground (continuation of the article “Automobile roads (cart ruts) of the Neogene times in Central Turkey) performing by A Semenov, Global Distribution of Ruins and Other Material Traces of a Neogene (15-6 million years ago) Civilization in the Mediterranean Region performing by S Tkacheva, Revived fantasy world. Ruins of towns of elves and dwarves in Central Turkey performing by None Lowrence (the USA), Underwater underground and terrestrial megalithic complex are ruins of towns and settlements of the Neogene Period, survivors of disasters and floods and Earth in the Early Paleogene and the planet Uranus - twins,  brothers?  To what unexpected conclusions it is possible to come on a joint of astronomy, geology and folklore, performing by Peter Olexenko, and my translation of the work Life on Titan. What (kind) is it?

Global Distribution of Ruins and Other Material Traces of a Neogene (15-6 million years ago) Civilization in the Mediterranean Region

The work will briefly tell you about the real history and archaeology of the Mediterranean region, which has nothing to do with the predominating versions of them in the historical and archaeological literature. My investigations at the junction of geology and folklore and the wide variety of the objects of study in different countries of the Mediterranean region and south-eastern Asia – Crimea, the part of Caucasus situated in Russia, Turkey, Israel, Jordan, Bulgaria, Spain, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Cambodia – has allowed me to draw the following conclusions (read more...)

When were the rock and underground towns built in Mediterranean region? Geologist view

In the middle of August 2015, an opportunity was presented to me to visit five Crimean rock towns: Chufut-Kale, Tele-Kermen, Eski-Kermen, Mangup-Kale, Kachi-Kilion and four cave monasteries: Uspenskiy, Blagoveshenskiy, Kachi-Kilion (Saint Anastasia) and Inkerman (Sviati-Klimentovskiy). Studying their photographs in internet beforehand, I was ready to find that rock towns and cave monasteries of Crimea will remind of their Turkish, Bulgarian and Israeli counterparts, researched previously by me/ It was a big surprise that they looked absolutely identical (read more...)

Neogen (15-6 million years ago) road and track global network in Mediterranean

Stone tracks, called cart ruts (tracks left by carts or carriages) are widespread on Earth. They can be found in big numbers in Turkey (Phrygian plain, Cappadocia), Crimea (Chufut-Kale, Eski-Kermen, Bahchisaray), Spain (autonomous regions of Valencia, Murcia, Castilla La Mancha, Castilla Leon, Andalusia, Galicia, Catalonia), Malta (Malta and Gozo islands), Italy (central Italy, Sardinia, Sicily), Azerbaijan (Apsheron peninsula), Kazakhstan (Caspian sea shore). There are many of them in Mexica, USA. They are known in Germany, France, Portugal and some other countries... Petrified stone tracks can be two types: the first type have different in width and length (from 100m to 5km) clusters of petrified ruts from one time use by wheeled (read more...)

Humanitarian mission in the Neogene – the heroes who saved victims of flood who had taken refuge underground

Events in the Phrygian Valley can be reconstructed by means of geological, archeological and folklore data (with the help of three sciences). After the water retreated survivors (human beings or other creatures) escaping from the catastrophe in large stationary shelters underground or watertight vessels or in space, retutned. They used wheeled vehicles like cross-country transport to ride along wat viscous ground. The first pathfinders appeared in the Phrygian Valley during abundant rainfalls with no Sun (or it was, probably, showing up behind the clouds).Then, the Sun appeared and, according to Maya’s bible Popol Vuh, was so hot that the Earth started to dry up very fast (read more...)

Outcome of white gods. From Hyperborea to Easter Island

Time of life of white gods on the Earth was incomprehensibly long. They were eye-witnesses of many global catastrophes, and from the moment of formation up to decline of their civilization outline of continents and oceans were transformed beyond recognition.  According to Indian and Slavic legends, during the times fabulously far from us when continents looked absolutely not so as they look now, and the north was located not there where it is now, there was on the Earth a great fight of white gods and "dragons fierce, many-headed" under leadership of Vritrà or Chernobog. During this fight "the earth" has been split and "all earth has been mixed with blood", the first world was destroyed in which there were no people (read more in 3 parts)

Where was Hyperborea and what did it look like?

In the series of works, "Location of continents and oceans in the Paleogene" the reconstructions of the Arctic basin in the Paleogene (65,5-23 million years ago) are given. The big extent of dry land, situated here - Hyperborea, which covered most of the Arctic, Eurasia and North America and stretched up to Tibet is established. Comparison of Hyperborea with the map of Hyperborea by Mercator and the sacral  geography of the "Golden age"  are  made.  It is shown in conclusion where Hyperborea (Svarga, Jambudvipa) was and how its shape changed over time (read more....)

Middle Earth - the real country of the Neogene period

Comparing the geography (in the late Miocene) of the Mediterranean segment of Alpine-Himalayan mountainous fold belt with the areas of distribution of elvish, dwarfish, human civilizations as well as probably those of other rational beings in the Neogene, one can suggest that the southern semi-continental-peninsular land, that existed from the middle Miocene until the Pliocene, is indeed the mythical land of the Middle Earth from the fantasy movies. Recently I could finally see how this mythical land looked like (read more...)


Video library Placed on YouTube video films with reports, speeches, interviews Alexander Koltypin on the mysteries of the ancient history of the Earth and humanity. Placed on YouTube videos, made during and accrding to the results of A. Koltypin's expeditions (look contents of the section)

About the author of the site and his project
In mythology of the majority of people living on the Earth and geological layers many evidences have accumulated which don't allow to doubt that reasonable beings similar and not similar to the modern men lived on Earth untill, at least, 66 million years ago. And they had much bigger knowledge of the world, than we have, had flight vehicles and space stations, flighted to other planets and other Galactics, possessed just designed by our military specialists weather, geophysical and incomprehensible for us magic weapon. They, these reasonable beings which legends name gods and demons, have rendered the most direct influence on all history of our planet during the Cenozoic period (look contents of the section)

Scientific projects, grants

This section provides reports on grants and research projects that need financial support (look contents of the section)

Disappeared inhabitants of the Earth
According to one legend, Apollonius of Tiansky - contemporary of Jesus Christ, the main representative of a new Pythagorean school - had been trained to magic by Nagas of Kahmir. In mythology of the Vajrayana Nagas were revered as savers of trues of the Buddhism. In mythology of the Mahayana there are mentions of how the known Buddhist reformer of Nagardzhuna had got the sutra of "Pradzhnjaparamita" from Nagas which safeguarded it until people had not ripened to undestand it. The court historian of emperor of Akbar Abul Fazl (XVI century) have written in his book that in ancient times the book of "Nilmat" (it has laid in the basis of the "Nilamat Purana") come to surface from the depths of Nilanag lake in Kashmir. This book contained a detailed description of Kashmir and its history. This book had allegedly been written by Nilanag - Blue Nage (look contents of the section)

Descendants from mixed marriages
"Rakshasi in the long run has given birth the mighty son to him [Bhima]. With his oblique eyes, a large mouth and similar to shells ears the boy was a real fright. His appearance  was awful, lips - of a bright colour of  red cuprum, similar to tusks teeth - very sharp. His power was great also. He was  the great hero endowed with great energy and force. He moved promptly, had a monstrously large body and great mystic force and could conquer all enemies easily. Speed of his movement and power though he has been born from a man, were indeed superhuman. And he exceeded by his magic power not only all human beings, but also any wizardess and magicians" (look contents of the section)

Origin of gods and humans
Great mixing of different in appearance (look) people started from the moment of appearance on Earth of space force of Daityas and Danavas (about 25 million years ago), and, perhaps, even earlier - from the moment of appearance on our planet of Adityas and Gandharvas (about 66 million years ago) - that is, long before emergence on Earth of men. Taking into account huge sizes of native inhabitants of Earth and a big height of incomers, the first interspecific marriages resulted in formation of races differing from people by a bigger height and a strong constitution. It were the races of giants about which a lot of legends narrate. It were the races of heroes struggling with native inhabitants of Earth and destroying them ruthlessly (look contents of the section)

Gods and Deities
In the ancient Vedic sacred source of "Rigveda" - hymns, directed to all gods, Aditi is described as follows: "Aditi - the sky, Aditi - Airspace, Aditi - the mother, she - the father, she - a son. All gods - Aditi". It turns out Aditi as well as the Irish goddess of Danu belongs to the Great Mother Goddess. Its "equivalent" - unlimited space. She symbolizes the cosmic law, establishing order and justice in the universe. Aditi was also the goddess of light, justice and mercy. Unlike Aditi, sisters of Aditi (according to some sources, elder, on the other - twins), Diti and Danu, characterized very poorly and inexpressively. Their images are always in the shadow of the divine husband - Kasyapa. However, the role of the goddesses can be restored by some written sources  (look contents of the section)

Ancient signs and symbols
Rock paintings of a cross, sculptures and bas-reliefs with a cross, articles of cross-shaped form, buildings in the form of a cross are found all over the world - in India, China, Indochina, Iran, Iraq, Egypt, Turkey, Israel, in countries of Europe and other places, and they are dated from III millenary BC till III millenary AD. They are important constituent element of culture of almost all nations in the world - both living now on the Earth, and having lived on it earlier... a cross inseparably linked with the Sun, light, universal wisdom, perpetual life or immortality. It was an integral (essential) attribute of (the) sun gods - Adityas, and, perhaps, other reasonable beings residing togerther with them. Sources of this symbol are lost in the heart of centuries detached from us by many million of years, and closely relate with ancient continent Hyperborea (Svarga, Jambudvipa) where "in the beginning of centuries" white gods lived (look contents of the section)

Disappeared continents and civilizations
Marking out the most suitable for life in the Paleocene and Eocene epochs of the Palaeogene period (65,5-34 million years ago) continents in the extreme north and south parts of the terrestrial globe - Hyperborea and Antarctica, climatic conditions of which matched featured in legends about the "Golden Age" ones, allows to look in an absolutely new fashion at the saved till our time maps of Hyperborea by Gerhardus Merkator (1554) and Antarctica by Piri Reis (1513), Oronce Fine (Orontius Fineus) (1531), Hadzhi Ahmed (1559), Phillip Bauche (1737) and other cartographers and navigators. Let's start from maps of Antarctica. On P.Bauche's map entirely free from ices Antarctica is shown, and water space parting it on two big islands, comparable with Greenland, is described in the middle of the mainland at that. Such pattern could be characteristic only prior to the beginning of Oligocene epoch (look contents of the section)

Remains of disappeared civilizations

Two chains of clear prints of barefooted "human" foots of 26-27 cm at length were found out in 1983 aslope the Kugitangtau mountain ridge near Hodzho-pil-Ata village (Sacred Father of Elefants) in the southeast Turkmenistan by professor Holmuod Kudoykuliev. These footprints adjoining to more than 3000 tracks of dinosaurs, were saved in Jurassic clay limestone, having age of 150-200 million years. Afterwards in this place expedition of Turkmen academy of sciences under direction of a corresponding member, the director of the Institute of geology of Turkmen Academy of Science of Kurbon Amannijazov, and in 2000 of Denis Swift from Institute of dinosaurs (Pensacola, the State of Florida, the USA) together with Turkmen scientists, triply worked. All explorers acknowledged likeness of the footprints with footprints of men (look contents of the section)

Great catastrophes
Iridium anomalies on the Cretaceous and Palaeogene boundary are traditionally considered as one of the main arguments in favour of impact of an asteroid with Earth. However, impact badly explains the presence of heightened contents of iridium and other accompanying elements (osmium, platinum, palladium, neakel, cobalt, etc.) in bones of perished Cretaceous dinosaurs, extended extinction of different kinds of animals and micro-organisms (prolonged tens or hundred thousand of years), and also the presence at some cuts of boundary Cretaceous-Paleogene sediments of several thin layers of clays with heightened contents of iridium. Based on these facts opponents of an asteroid hypothesis try to demonstrate that there is no trace of impact on a boundary of the Cretaceous and Palaeogene periods. If to relate iridum anomalies with prolonged war for world supremacy (look contents of the section)

World in the Palaeogene. Prosperity of Hyperborea

From the beginning of Paleocene  epoch (65,5 years ago) up to the end of Eocene epoch of the Paleogene period (34 million years ago) there was not any glaciation on our planet and high temperature of air was characteristic both for tropical widths, and for subpolar areas. According to paleobotanic researches at that time palm trees, mango trees, avocado, laurels and other evergreen plants grew in Arctic regions (and in Antarctica too)... In the Paleocene-Eocene epochs, 65,5-44, possibly, 34 million years ago, the warm, damp and uniform climate  was on all territory of our planet, according to O.Ivashchenko at that time maintenance of carbonic gas in atmosphere was approximately five times above modern. According to Appy Sluijs and his colleagues from the University of Utrecht city (Holland), earth' atmosphere consisted of two covers - air, similar to modern, and water, consisting of frozen water steam in the lower stratosphere (10-50 km) which has not remained now. The smallest crystals of ice caught and did not pass a part of sunlight which was reflected back to atmosphere, and thus they promoted greenhouse effect  (look contents of the section)

World in the Oligocene and Neogene. Reduction of Hyperborea
According to the data of drilling of ocean sediments and study of coastal sediments, first ice cover in the Arctic Ocean appeared in the Middle-Late Miocene (16-10 million years ago). Approximately at the same time, there was the first major glaciation of the north-eastern coast of Alaska (about 13 million years ago) and central Alaska (10 million years ago). 10 million years ago glaciers appeared in Iceland. Apparently, ice sheet formed earlier in Greenland. During fall of temperature in the Middle Miocene the area of ice sheets in Antapktica significantly increased.  14-15 million years ago occured a new stage of strengthening of tectonic activity on Earth - took place a dramatic shifts along the East African, Red Sea and Gulf of Aden rifts and lifting of various systems of the Alpine-Himalayan mountain-thrust belt (look contents of the section)

World in the Pleistocene. Great glaciations and outcome from Hyperborea
According to my calculations in the Pleistocene time the Earth had been shaken by eleven catastrophes which occurred approximately 900, 800, 730, 530, 480, 420, 110, 70, 55, 24, 12 thousand years ago. Also, there were at least two periods (670-620, 390-250 thousand years ago) when catastrophic changes on Earth occurred much more often. Approach and deviation of glaciers, managed by changes of terrestrial axis's inclination, were the main features of all Quaternary catastrophes. Almost all of them were accompanied by essential fall, and then rising of a sea level and, apparently, high tectonic and volcanic activity  (look contents of the section)

World epoch and mankinds (humankinds)
The epos of Maya testify that the first four pairs of people of the third humanity were not born by a woman, and were not conceived as sons ... After the creation of the third humanity sun came out which burnedi very much, and immediately dried out the surface of wet and muddy earth. "And heat of it was unbearable  even though it only appeared at the very moment when it was born. What is left now - this is just a reflection in a mirror. Of course, it was not the same sun that we see [now], so stated in their ancient legends. "After the appearance of the sun, the moon and stars the old gods Tohil (Quetzalcoatl, Kukulcan), Avilish, Hakavits and all carnivorous animals (lots of snakes, jaguars, pumas and echidnas) and white monster that lived in trees were turned to stone, so modern humanity survived  (look contents of the section)

Life underground
More than sixty thousand years ago a Holyman disappeared with a whole tribe of people under the ground and never appeared again on the surface of the earth... No one knows where this place is. One says Afghanistan, others India. All the people there are protected against Evil and crimes do not exist within its bournes. Science has there developed calmly and nothing is threatened with destruction. The subterranean people have reached the highest knowledge. Now it is a large kingdom, millions of men with the King of the World as their ruler... This kingdom is Agharti. It extends throughout all the subterranean passages of the whole world... all the subterranean caves of America are inhabited by the ancient people who have disappeared underground... In underground caves there exists a peculiar light which affords growth to the grains and vegetables and long life without disease to the people (look contents of the section)

Energy and information fields of the Earth. Ancient Technologies

The section "Energy and Information Fields of the Earth: Technology of the Ancients" consists of the following pages: N. Koltovoy "Structure of the Earth's Energy Fields and Their Influence on Man", O. Tkachenko "Schumann Resonance", O. Tkachenko "Influence of geophysical fields on the biosphere", V. Yashkardin "Infrasound technologies of the pyramid epoch", V. Yashkardin "Stone resonators in archeoacoustics: analysis of the operation of the cavity-core structures", G.Shuvaev "Earth as a part of the living Universe", I.Prokhorov "Again about the purpose of building the pyramids" and other (look contents of the section)

Appearance of the Moon
The middle Miocene Moon, should be, represented a surprising show. At first hardly raising over horizon and calling horror igneous bubbling medley (mass), sparging melted stone drips in air and on land. Then standing low over horizon a fascinating glowing disk in several times exceeding the sun. In process of "spinning-up" ("run-up") of Earth, it appeared in the sky more and more frequently, perhaps, in several hours after its setting for horizon. All the time it seems to me standing in night silence, lighted by light of that supernatural moon, surprising gigantic multiarm and many-headed creatures which inhabited our planet in those far times (look contents of the section)

Fly mashines and space travel of the ancients
Another creation of Maya Danava - the iron flying city of Saubha, presented to the leader of Daityas Shalva. According to the "Bhagavata Purana", "this impregnable ship ... could fly anywhere." It could not be destroyed by not Devas (Adityas), neither men, nor Asuras, nor Gandharvas, nor Uragas, nor Rakshasas. It could have an influence on weather and create tornadoes, lightning, become visible and invisible, move through the air and under water. Sometimes it seemed - in the sky there was a lot of ships, and sometimes there was no sign of one. Saubha was seen on earth, in the sky, then landed on a top of a mountain, then floating in the water. This amazing ship flew through the sky like a fiery whirlwind, remaining stationary for not a moment. A similar flying ship-city Vayhayasu, presented to commander in chief of Bali, the son of the king of Daityas Virocana, mentioned in the eighth song of "Bhagavata Purana" (look contents of the section)

Weapons and wars of gods, demons and ancestors of people

According to the "Mahabharata", "Ramayana", the Puranas and other ancient Indian texts, the descriptions of "weapons of the gods" are surprisingly reminiscent of modern nuclear, thermonuclear, neutron bombs and cruise missiles, as well as laser, geophysical and climatic weapons. These ancient Indian texts were written between the sixth - first millennium BC... Could these sophisticated ancient tales of war be just the fantasy of ancient men who used stone, copper, bronze weapons and even iron knives, swords, spears and arrows? How could ancient people invent such fantastic tales of war if they did not witness something like them happening? We must assume the drafters of the Vedas, the Puranas, "Mahabharata", "Ramayana" and their distant predecessors, who for many generations orally transmitted underlying themes of these works, did witness such events with their own eyes... And if this were so, the enormous military battles of the past must have left traces in earth’s terrain (such as craters from nuclear explosions) and the geological record (rocks formed due to short-term effects of very high temperatures and pressures) in many areas of the Earth (look contents of the section)

Longevity and immortality
"They say that the first king in this country was Alor, who said that God himself wanted to make him (by) a shepherd of the people, he ruled ten Saros. Duration of Saros - 3600 years ... After him during three Saros Alapar rules, he was inherited by Amillar from the city of Pantibiblon, who ruled for 13 Saros… there were subsequently and other kings, the last of them Sisistr, their total number is ten, and the time of ruling - 120 Saros". So Beros(sus) described the antediluvian history of "modern"(living in cities and ruling by states) mankind, which was lasting 432,000 years only in Mesopotamia (look contents of the section)

Hyperborea=North - the place out of time
Hyperborea - the northern native land of mankind. It is also Svarga or Blue Svarga from Indian and Slavonic legends. It is also Jambudvipa from ancient Indian and Buddhist texts. How much researches were spent to prove the existence of mysterious Hyperborea. How much different judgements exist where is to search its remains. And all is vain - the northern mainland persistently does not wish to open the secrets. Great volume of my researchs and considerable part of my books "Disappeared inhabitants of the Earth" and "Battles of ancient gods" somehow or other too relate to Hyperborea. And I very much hope that I managed to approach at least a little to the solution of its secret. The basic error of the majority of explorers of this mysterious mainland is their initial confidence that Hyperborea existed ten thousand years ago and has perished in the result of the great catastrophe and the deluge which occured approximately 12 thousand years ago. However, geological investigations of Arctic regions and deep sea drilling of a bottom of the Arctic ocean have convincingly shown that at this time there were no large massifs of land in the north (look contents of the section)

Were gods live?
I am shure, the fragment presented below will not leave indifferent anybody from readers. In it matching of descriptions of flight vehicles of ancient inhabitants of the Earth -  Adityas,  Gandharvas, Apsaras,  Daityas and Danavas, presented in the Old Indian literature, and modern descriptions of UFO is given. The conclusion is done that they practically differ nothing from each other. On the ground of it the hypothesis is offered that modern unidentified flight objects (UFO), unidentified submarine (underwater) objects (USO or UUO) and unidentified luminous (luminescent) objects (ULO) is nothing other as flight vehicles of ancients, and ancients themself, most likely, are immortal  Adityas. In the second half of the given fragment comparison of Jesus Christ with the leader of  Adityas Indra is given and great number of common features between them is marked   (look contents of the section)

History of the Earth and mankind from the beginning of Palaeocene till Crist

As well as in the Oligocene beginning, after the Oligocene - Miocene catastrophe the world had been transformed beyond recognition. Valleys were formed on a place of mounts, mounts began to tower on a place of valleys, land and seas had exchanged in places, and deluge consequences were ramained on continents still long time - according to Sumerian myth about Enki and universe, the land had been coated by impervious brakes and moors, there was no salvage from snakes and scorpions, packs of furious and hungry beasts ransacked everywhere. But, as before, the life gradually came back in an "old channel". There were gods and demigods - the same Adityas with Gandharvas and Daityas with Danavas which had flying machines and had waited catastrophe in Space and also "the new" snakemen of semiaquatic-semiterrestrial life   (look contents of the section)

Disappeared animals
In this section I want to pay your attention to appearing in our world from time to time creatures which do not belong neither to one of now existent  animals, nor to man. On their search numerous expeditions set off, about them books are written, films are  shot, however nobody managed to get convincing evidences of their real existence till now. Therefore the majority of scientific, as well as all sane people consider that these beings simply do not exist. The most known among them, perhaps, are a  snowman or Yeti and the Loch Ness monster or Nessie. I would also rate among them the negative personage of folklore - a deuce, or devil, or Unclean, or Evil spirit (look contents of the section)

How to prove the existence of predeluvian civilisations?
One of the most widespread fraction of sedimentary rocks - sandstones and gravelstones - is quartz. According to the generally accepted point of view it has magmatic genesis and very few explorers have ever seriously thought of that quartz can also represent debris of polished by water glass used in construction or other branch of industry. It is also improbable that somebody was smitten by the idea earlier to search in sedimentary rocks debris of plastic and other products of conscientious human activity  (look contents of the section)

Collection of inexplicable things and facts
Look closely at this engraved picture on the Ica stone (see also Intravital portraits of the ancients). There is distinctively seen on it, as an ancient surgeon pulls out snakes from a head of a patient! Can't it mean, that beings pictured on the stones were an transitional link between dragon-people or serpent-people (reptiles) and usual people (mammals) into whom the first could transform in the result of werewolvesness and by whom they in the long run remained? Or it is not snakes, and peculiar (original) detailed representation of brains? If it is so then pictured on this and many other Ica stones scenes testify to a high level of evolution of the civilisation pictured on Ica stones   (look contents of the section)

Miracles around us
One of the few wonders of the Orthodox Church is an annual, at a certain time and in a certain place, the Holy Fire. By the number of witnesses (to 20 thousand people annually) and historical duration (at least from IV century AD), this event is unique, not only in our church, but all over the world. The Holy Fire descends from the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem's Church of the Resurrection of Christ on the eve of the Orthodox Easter, and only in the presence of the Orthodox clergy. According to witnesses and video footage during the litany of the Holy Fire spontaneously light up lamps and candles in the temple, the flame from the first minute did not even scorches  hairs, and sometimes from it occurences of healing have a place. Before the descent of the Fire in the temple there are numerous brilliances and flashes and other wonderful events  (look contents of the section)

History of amazing discoveries
I invite all, who have not heard yet about the surprising invention of the scientist-entomologist of Victor Grebennikov, to familiarise with his discovery, from his own words. Everything, about what you should learn, would be possible to name a fantasy - such unrealistic it will be shown, if not two very essential "but"... At first, it is the chapter from Victor Grebennikov's autobiographical book "My world", published on money of an international scientific fund in scanty circulation without rights of sales. This is memory on real life of the scientist and the investigations spent by him. Secondly, the principle of action of the gravity plane devised by him, peculiarities of its movement and visualization (flashing balls or disks, two vehicles instead of one, invisibility etc.) - surprisingly resembles a principle of action of UFO and space vehicles of the ancient (look contents of the section)

My works on different topics
Identification of Mars with war gods and giving to him attributes of blood, apparently, was not casual. In my works I tried to reconstruct an appearance of this planet before the catastrophe which took place 5 million years ago or later, and to establish possible destiny of its inhabitants. It should be awful. Destruction of the whole mainlands. Any remains and even traces of past life. Forests, fields, cities - all it had been destroyed by strongest earthquakes, buried under lavas and ashes of erupting volcanous, washed away into ocean deeps and ruptures of Mars' crust by strongest floodings, and afterwards also is overlapped by sediments. And what was earlier? Huge ocean in the northern half of Mars and large continent in its southern part. Surface area of Mars is approximately in 10 times less than area of surface of Earth (look contents of the section)

Works of other authors on different topics
Ancient Greek historian of Gerodot wrote that at the head of an "imperial Scythians" - an elite part of Scythian society - there was a certain mysterious Empress of Scythians. It is possible to make a conclusion from antique myths about her relationships with the nation of "gryphons, guarding gold". But a myth - not a historical evidence. Confirmation of this ancient expression of Gerodot had appeared only in 1993 when on Altai, on the upland of Ukok, on "the second bed of heavens", as Altaians name Ukok's spaciousnesses, under cold, improbable blue of the sky archeologists had exavated the unique entombment of a Scythian epoch, having been two and a half millenary distant from us. Archeologists had found out in the entombment a mummy of young, well-proportioned, tall woman with european appearance that later genetical examinations have confirmed (look contents of the section)

Nature of Magic and Wizardry
In fairy tales of all countries, magicians demonstrate the ability to become at will invisible. Tibetan Occultists explain this ability by cessation of mental activity. In Tibetan legends, there is no shortage in description of material resources, making man invisible ... If we believe them, the essence of the matter is not to be invisible, thought ordinary people imagine a miracle so. In fact, you will need some skill, approaching, not to bring in living things any emotion. Then we can pass unnoticed, or, at the first stages of the process of mastering the technique, to attract little attention (look contents of the section)

Discoveries made at forums
Very difficult to determine even an approximate age of the slab. Radiocarbon analysis and scanning of layers by uranium chronometer led to contradictory results, and didn't bring clarity in the age of the plates​. When viewed the surface of the stone two shells were found. The age of one of them - Navicopsina munitus of Gyrodeidae family - about 50 million years, and the second - Ecculiomphalus princeps of Ecculiomphalinae subfamily - 120 million years. It is this age and accepted for the present as the working version. "Perhaps, the map was created just at the time when the magnetic pole was located in the modern area of Franz Josef Land, and it was just about 120 million years ago" - says Professor Chuvyrov (look contents of the section)

Myths and legends
The birth and loss of Native Races is always accompanied by geologic alterations of the terrestrial globe. They are caused by changes of the Earth's axis declination. Old mainlands are captured by oceans, other lands appear, huge cities, mountain chains raise there where they were not earlier. The surface of the terrestrial globe every time absolutely change. It is the LAW operating in assigned time, in exact conformity with Lows of Karma. "Experience of the most adapted" people and races was asserted by well-timed help; unadapted, unsuccessful were destroyed, being swept off from the earth surface  (look contents of the section)

Folktales and legends
Can we, based on the information contained in tales, though approximately say when they were compiled and what time they is characterized? It turns out that yes, we can. Some fairy tales give not only vague hints, but also quite clear indications of that. For example, in "The Tale of a pig" (Ion Creanga) states that a king's daughter, who was looking around the world for Fat Frumos, conceived by centenary old man and  woman, was heavy (pregnant) in the third year, that she during her travels crossed countless sea and country, went through forests and deserts, ruinous, infested by dragons, poisonous snakes, basilisks (look contents of the section)

Messages from the Other world

When they opened the third door, my mother saw a beautiful country which rolled in verdure and flowers of pink, lilac and other colors which she described as paradise. Near to her herds of cows, sheep and goats pastured. Surprisingly beautiful palace was seen in a distance. To her question who posesses this palace, the Martians  answered that their governor lived in it. They lived in settlements which placed little bit further - outside of the review. And here are two more important details of this unusual sleep. On my questions, whether there was in that subterranean country heaven, my mother answered that she did not see a sky, but she well distinguished the numerous lamps brightly shining on the high canopy  (look contents of the section)

Photo Gallery
In the "Photo Gallery" section  photographs of places visited by me during expeditions and travels are presented. I hope you will enjoy them (look contents of the section)

Art gallery
In the "Art Gallery" section photographs of paintings are presented, spiritually close to the subject matter of the site (look contents of the section)

Intravital Portraits of the Ancients
There are not so many intravital portraits of previous inhabitants of the Earth. But they, all the same, exist. Among them - gigantic stone statues of Easter island, which silently witness that models, presented on them, were tall persons (or gods) with european appearance. I invite you to visit the original photo gallery "Intravital portraits of the ancients", in which I will place photos of sculptures, bas-reliefs, engravings, wall paintings and other images which almost with 100 % certainty or high probability (I will specially stipulate it every time) were made during lifetime of the personages shown on them (look contents of the section)

Images of Unknown Animals
В In this section I will place photos of sculptures, bas-reliefs, wall paintings and other images of animals unknown for science (look...)
Separately presented the photo gallery "Images of unknown animals, used as a horse", assembled from images of different types of dragons, basilisks, Garuda etc.

Miss Ancient Perfection" Beauty Contest
In this section I will place photos of sculptures and images of the most ancient women -inhabitants of the Earth, peculiar and unique beauty of which have been embodied by sculptors and  artists many years, centuries and millenaries ago. And though in the most cases they lived much more after the heroines who have excited them on the immortal creations, they, undoubtedly, had larger knowledge of them, than we have   (look...)

My explorations
I present you the series of photos with my commentings from the Tunnel of the Temple mount , the area of excavations of the Western wall in Jerusalem,  . These photos testify that opinion, dominating among archeologists, that all megalithic and underground structures had been built by Solomon, Herod, in ancient Roman, Byzantine, crusader or Muslim times is erratic. They consist of a great number of built at various times pieces and cavities which look like new patches on old trousers  or new pockets on old jackets (look contents of the section)

Three books of the “Book of Lost Knowledge" series by A.Koltypin. What are they about?
Bring to your attention (Present to you) a series of the "Book of Lost Knowledge", consisting of three books - "Disappeared inhabitants of the Earth", "Battles of ancient gods" and "Earth before the Flood - the world of sorcerers and werewolves."
Summary of these books are given in "History of the Earth and mankind from the beginning of the Palaeocene till Crist"
.  In the first  book «Disappeared inhabitants of the Earth», issued in 2009, you will find  the captivating narration about  reasonable beings which inhabited our planet for many million years before appearance of modern people (look and read...)

Ecological and humanitarian problems. Connection of times
Why we treat everything as something usual and casual? Scientists already studied everything, all told us, what miracles can be? How one can understand that, which doesn't speak in our language, which doesn’t have the same  sense organs as we do and whether are we ready to understand and recognize  other forms of existence of consciousness? Fractals prove us integrity, intelligence of all forms of life, why the beauty and integrity doesn't convince us of it? It is already proved that plants react emotionally, can feel pain, really, can feel! Why the science doesn't go in the direction of such fundamentally very important researches? I will tell you, they are not interested in it. Because the technocracy owns them. Because Division forbids any scientist to reflect on intelligence of life and existence. They stupidly prepare a live matter without attempt to enter with it in contact and  simply to communicate! (look contents of the section)

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