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Elves in Ancient Ireland

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General In the "Elves in Ancient Ireland"  scientific-historical analysis of a possibility of existence of elves is carried out. On the ground of study of legends and documentary testimonies of the thousand-year remoteness the author draws a conclusion that legends of almost all people - from India to  Iceland and from America to Australia - are full of the memories about different mythical beings, lived long before our time, which resembled people, but by their physiology and capabilities weren't people.  There were among them a large group of the beings similar to the most beautiful people (only even more perfect) and haven incomprehensible longevity (thousand years) and possessed by magic art. Legends usually name them by gods and wizards.
Especially many legends about these divine people, therewith warlike and numerous enough, in Ireland and the Wales. Its title is of Tuatha de Danann, the People of Danu or the Danu people. Long before the Christianity these people ruled Ireland, and also, maybe, Britain and France, and had left after themselves not only memory in folklore, but also the quite real material testimonies of their existence. Afterwards the People of Danu were named by elves.
The work describes how the men and women of these divine people looked, what garments they wore, what superhuman capacities they had (sorcery, werewolfness, longevity, capacity to resurrect of died, etc.). Reconstruction of their life and household activities are also carried out. On the ground of comparison of Tuatha de Danann with heroes of the Indian legends and Tuatha de Anu or «imperial Scythians» on Altai the conclusion
is done about the existence in the past of a global civilisation of elves,  living simultaneously  with the civilisation of people.

For this page Whether is it possible to extract (single out) a grain of truth in legends about fairy, elves, gnomes and other magic beings to separate the truth from fiction? Unconditionally, yes, if to use ancient sources. The author has fulfilled such attempt and has seen that legends of many people are complete by memories about fairy, elves, gnomes and other beings similar to people, but distinct from people. Espesially many legends about tall and beautiful  beings of the People of Danu or Tuata de Danann are in Ireland and the Wales. They are called by elves

Elves, gnomes, fairies and other beings carried to category fairy (fantasy), or magic, are perceived by the majority of people as fantastic, fantasy invented characters. The question of their real existence during very old times rises very seldom, and attempts of professional researches on this subject are accompanied more often by disapproving comments of experts. That is why, among a set of works on studying of folklore it is very difficult to find the publications devoted to the scientific historical analysis of the fairy. They can be counted literally on fingers, and the majority belongs to foreign authors. Thus, in recent years in the world we see the real boom of "elfomaniya" and the large quantity of books and films in a genre of the fantasies, devoted to the biography and feats of invented heroes - elves, goblins, trolls, fairies and other fantastic characters is on sale. It undermines belief of people in their real existence even more and subconsciously forms prejudiced, as a rule, strongly distorted by the imagination of authors, the relation to images of these heroes.

Fairy associate as with babies elves, fairies of flowers with tiny wings and garden gnomes, and with the beings similar to people possessing unearthly beauty. There is an opinion that they live and today. One consider that fairy are among people, others think that they exist outside of our world, in other space and dimension. There are even those who sincerely believe that they are elves or, at least, diligently try to act in a similar image before the friends and acquaintances. A large number of societies and Internet sites of fans testify to interest to elfiysky subject of the fairy, carrying out various elfiysky holidays, a meeting of elfiysky New year …
Whether it is possible to allocate from all this rational grain? To distinguish the truth from fiction? To throw off "fetters" of the prejudiced relation to the Fairy and to their images imposed to us by science fiction writers?
Certainly, yes. But it can be done only under condition of accurate differentiation of sources of information about the Fairy - fairy tales and fantasy novels of the last centuries - from legends and documentary signs of thousand-year prescription. In other words, to carry out the scientific and historical analysis of possibility of Fairy existence far back in the past it is necessary to rely only on such written and oral certificates which "respectable" age doesn't cause doubts in researchers.
In an ideal experts - historians or philologists should be engaged in such analysis. However the majority of them don't want to do it. But even if someone decided on such conclusions, most likely, there would be following: "… despite all available arguments in favor of existence - the name of mythical beings - far back in the past, they were people, or the allocated any supernatural abilities, or these abilities were attributed by it later..." or "… despite all available arguments in favor of existence - the name of mythical beings - far back in the past, the matter can't be solved now in connection with a lack of data and the hope of obtaining the answer of one of the most intriguing mysteries of history demands statement of additional researches …" So, farewell to the hope on receiving the answer of the most triguing mysteries in the history.
To save the hope, I tried to analyse legends of the different people and the publication of the medieval and modern writers directly or indirectly mentioning a subject of Fairy, and to understand, what their prototypes were.
And results didn't keep itself waiting long! It appeared that legends practically of all nations - from India to Iceland and from America to Australia - are saturated with memories of the different mythical beings living long before our time who were superficially resembling people, but different by the physiology and possibilities from human beings. Among them there was a big group of the beings similar to the most beautiful people (only finer) and possessing incomprehensible longevity (one thousand years) and magic arts. Legends usually call them gods or wizards.
Especially there are a lot of legends on these divine people, besides quite aggressive and numerous, in Ireland and Wales. Tuatha de Danann- their name, or Tribe of the Goddess Danu (the Danu people). Long before Christmas these people ruled Ireland, and also, possibly, Britain and France, and left after itself not only reminiscence in folklore, but also quite real material certificates of the existence(and here).

Read continuation "Secret of the Tribe of the Goddess Danu" 


Part 1. Secret of the Tribe of the Goddess Danu (the Danu people)

Gods and goddesses of the People of Danu (Tuatha de Danann) - Dagda, Nuadu, Manannan, Ogma, Aengus, Lugh, Dian Cecht, Goibniu, Morrigan, Macha, Badb, Brigid and others. Seizure of  Ireland by Tuatha de Danann. The Danu people - the divine race of immortals and magicians, by their beauty exceeding all mortal

Part 2. The Tribe of the Goddess Danu (the Danu people) - elves of the Fairyland
(only Russian text)

Battles of the People of Danu (Tuatha de Danann) with Milesians (the Sons of Mil Espaine or Mil Espane). Defeat of Tuatha de Danann. Outcome of the Danu people under land into sidhes – into the "Magic land" which covered the space underground and overseas and was compared with Avalon (Avallon), the Islands of Blissful, Hy-Brazil, the Land of the Perpetually Youth (Tir-nan-Og)... The mystery of Newgrange, Knok Aine, Knouz, Douz and others sidhes (hills of fairies), presenting the pyramids covered with land

Part 3. The civilization of elves - the historical reality (only Russian text)

The people of Danu (Tuatha de Danann) in Ancient India. The Danu people in Altai where Gerodot named them Tuatha de Anu or the "Imperial Scythians". The people of Danu in other places of Earth. Where and how long did elves live?

©  A Koltypin, 2009
©  A Fennel, 2013 (translation of the main text)

We, A. Koltypin the author of this work, and A.Fennel the translator of this work, give permission to use this for any purpose except prohibited by applicable law, on condition that our authorship and hyperlink to the site http://earthbeforeflood.com is given

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