Outcome of White Gods. From Hyperborea to Easter island. Part 3. The Holocene - Mass Outcome of White Gods and Their Descendants from Hyperborea. On Trails of Gandharvas- Elves - Earth before the Flood: Disappeared Continents and Civilizations

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Outcome of White Gods. From Hyperborea to Easter island. Part 3. The Holocene - Mass Outcome of White Gods and Their Descendants from Hyperborea. On Trails of Gandharvas- Elves

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Outcome of white gods and their descendants - Aryans to southern areas at Holocene time (after the last Great flood of 12000 years ago - synopsis)

White gods continued to live in the north up to the end of the  Pleistocene (12000 - 10000 years ago) when the most part of Arctic and North-East Asia was held down by ices, and it became unsuitable for life.
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On the basis of documentary history of immersing of northern polar islands, Hyperborea (Svarga, Jambudvipa) could exist till the termination of the last Pleistocene Glaciation (12-10 thousand years ago) and till this time remainder of white race could live there (advanced "Gobi civilization", on H.Blavatskaya) which migrated then to the south.

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Read my work "Last days of the Great Northern civilization - the descendants of white gods. What has happened in the Northeastern Asia, Alaska and the shelf of Arctic ocean 12 thousand years ago? The reconstructions on a joint of geology and history"

   Alfred Vegener, the founder of the theory of continents moving (1912), considered that the north geographical pole in the last Glaciation (24-12 thousand years ago) was in the centre of Greenland, in 15 ° to the south from today's place. According to american geophysicist Alan O'Kelly the pole was placed in Hudson strait in a point of geographical width 60°. The hypothetical south geographical pole placed in 25 ° from southwest coast of Australia (see in article "Global catastrophes, change of the Earth axis's position and destructions on the Earth. Causes and effects").
In the end of the Pleistocene - in the beginning of the Holocene as result of strong cold snap in Arctic regions and north-east areas of Asia (the temperature there had fallen to -50°C), mammoths, woolly rhinoceroses, saber-toothed tigers and other animals had completely disappeared from the face of the North-East Russia. The same was happened in the south of America.

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Massive migration of the population living there white gods and, in the main, their mortal descendants to southern areas known to historians under the Aryans migration, has reached Southern Europe, Caucasus, Persia (Iran), India and Indo-China. 

Last centers of civilizations of white gods initial races (synopsis)

Among immigrants with mortal descendants of white gods (and here) there were separate isolated groups of gods or demigods (in the Indian terminology), which else remained on the Earth. According to ancient legends they had come down on the earth from heavens. The centers of civilization of white gods initial races, apparently, remained in Ireland, Altay, Northern Egypt and Sumer up to III millennium BC .

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Where had white gods left? On the traces of gandharvas - elves (synopsis)

Initial races of white gods (to that time mainly Gandharvas and Apsaras) ("because of time of people coming" - "the Lord of rings") had left familiar spots and had located for some time in North America. They were known there as white bearded gods or newcomers known as Quetzalcoatl, Kukulkan, Tsuma, Bochica, Viracocha, etc.
   White bearded gods appeared in different areas of the American continent since II millennium BC till II millennia AD (up to 1100-1300) (skip the big passage). For example, in a war temple in Chichen-Itse there were found out fragments of the frescos representing battles between red-skinned soldiers and white people with the big beards and helmets on heads .
   As I have assumed in my work "Vira Cocha - the leader of Gandharvas - elves, who made drawings in Nazca desert", creation of huge drawings of Nazca desert made from air, most likely, was handwork of pilots of Gandharvas "heavenly chariots". But according to legends of North American and South American Indians, white gods much more often appeared and disappeared in the sea. It means that they had ships as the main transport. By ships they has departured on the east and has reached Pacific islands.
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Polynesians - decendants of white gods

Lookalso photogallery "Intravital portraits of the ancients"

Legends about mysterious red-haired white people from whom there were islanders, are extended across all Polynesia. According to well known traveler and researcher Thor Heyerdahl, red-haired inhabitants named themselves urukehu and said that they were descendants of the first leaders of islands who were white gods with names of Tangaroa, Kane and Tiki.
T. Heyerdahl compared the name of Polynesian god Tiki with the Kon-Tiki of Vira Cocha and informed that he was considered as the son of the Sun and the forefather of all tribes of East Polynesia.
   Especially many white newcomers had located on Easter Island. The companion of the Dutch admiral Jacob Roggeveen who had opened an island of Easter in 1722, sergeant Berens informed that some inhabitants of island had very light skin. In 1770 the participant of expedition of the Spanish captain don Felipe Gonzales Antonio då Aguera in his notes writed that islanders were of white, swarthy and reddish skin with red, light brown and black hair. Two centuries later according to the words of islanders written down by English researcher Rautley, the last present leader on island was absolutely white.

   T.Heyerdahl in his book "Aku-Aku" (1959) also noticed that in the middle of XX century on island there lived people with light and dark skin, and head Pedro Atan had skin color as Europeans. And he was the descendant of last "long-ears men". According to one legend of inhabitants of Easter island, white people have come from the east by the huge ships. They have brought fire, writing and had started to build statues.  
Who were the "longears men"? According to legends, white-skinned long-eared men or hanau epe had appeared on island after black short-ears men hanau momoko, or simultaneously with them from XI to XVII age.). Soon they have subordinated all inhabitants of island to themselves and had forced them to build monumental platforms to cut huge statues of "long-ears men" - moais. Total amount of moais is 887.

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   Native custom to extend ears later became widespread among inhabitants of Easter Island. The same custom existed among inhabitants of Marquesas Islands and Melanesia placed in several thousand km from Easter Island.  Ruling caste of Incas had the extended lobes of ears too. They suspended massive gold ornaments to ears, that why Spaniards have nicknamed them "long-ears men", "lop-eared" or "big ears".

Read my work "Long-earness as a divinity sign"

    Statues, bas-reliefs and images of long-eared are often met not only in Polynesia and Melanesia, but also in India and Indo-China. Moreover, factually all portraits of Adityas, Gandharvas, Daityas and the Buddhist sacred show them with long ears and very often with weighty earrings. The custom to extend ears not so long ago was met at many tribes of South East Asia. This tells about related links between "long-ears men" and white-skinned Indian gods, demigods and demons (Adityas, Gandharvas, Apsaras, Daityas, etc.) (read more in articles "Long ears as a divinity sign" and "How to extend ears and to hear that never heard").
   T.Heyerdahl proved that the statues represents white bearded people. Faces of the statues have characteristic features of white race: a direct narrow nose and thin, sharply outlined lips. Their chins peaked and jut out. For hair special red stone "Pucao" was used.
According to the Norwegian archaeological expedition of T.Heyerdahl (1955-1956) in the period of 386 -1100 years they built statues of the small sizes, without "Pucao". In the second period (1100-1680) statues of "long-ears men" were established on platforms. In the third period (1680-1868) a war had begun between hanau-momoko and hanau epe resulted full destruction of the last. As a result of this war in stone quarries all works of statues building had been stopped and standing statues have been overturned and partially destroyed.

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      Visited Easter Island in 1774 James Cook found out that many statues were thrown down broken. But captain Gonzales four years before had not seen this one. In this period population of island was reduced from 2-20 thousand (by different estimations) to 600-700 persons. So, researchers have come to conclusion that between 1770 and 1774 Easter Island had endured a disaster. In 1872 French sailors with writer Pierre Loti have noticed for the first time that sculptures with long ears were overturned and had been scattered on all coast of a bay, but others -"frights with another faces which are going back to other epoch", were on platforms.

So, it was war between black-skinned short-ears men hanau-momoko and white-skinned long-ears men hanau epe, the victory was gained by short-ears men.
   Nevertheless, roots of "white gods" have appeared hardy enough. On Easter Island, other islands of Polynesia, including New Zealand, long time it was possible to meet their descendants. According to the known researcher of Polynesia Persi Smith, in all Polynesian race there are white-skinned people.
   Thus, the white bearded newcomers who had come from America "were dissolved" among inhabitants of Polynesia and other Pacific islands, having lost abilities of supermen and life of few thousand years. They have turned to usual people who have not kept knowledge of "gods".

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White newcomers destiny in America

White bearded newcomers remained in America, apparently, had the same destiny. According to Indians Cherokee at the territory of Caroline (the USA) there are traces of a fortress constructed by white people. Natives of Scotland, Ireland and the Wales, moved to North America, sincerely were surprised, having met there white-skinned natives speaking on an adverb, reminding their native language.
   In the beginning of XX century the traveler Persia Foster mentioned about extended tunnels located near to volcanoes Popocatepetl and Inlakuatl in Mexico and around the mountain Shasta in Cascade range in the north of California (USA). From local residents he heard stories about high gold hair people occupying those vaults. Indians believed that they were descendants of white newcomers, during age-old times descended from heavens, but not managed to adapt to life on a surface and left in caves.

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