The History of Mankind Began Tens Millions Years Ago. The Comparison of Legends with Geological Data Testifies It - Earth before the Flood: Disappeared Continents and Civilizations

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The History of Mankind Began Tens Millions Years Ago. The Comparison of Legends with Geological Data Testifies It

Great catastrophes
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In this work : 1) I will try to show on concrete examples that the most part of the events described in legends about the previous worlds, ancient continents, catastrophes, characterizes time dating from us not on thousands, but on tens of millions years. 2) I also will try to collect legends, available almost at all people of the world, about the most grandiose cataclysm in the history of Earth, as a result of which our planet moved into the modern orbit, changed an inclination of the axis and a speed of rotation round itself and the Sun, it also got the Moon, and lost a water - steam cover (sphere around the Earth). After this global cataclysm the sky was painted in blue color, there were clouds which wasn’t before, a precipitation began to drop out, atmospheric circulation started to occur, there was a climatic division on zones and a change of seasons,  the North and the South glaciers were formed, and people lost immortality and longevity. 3) At last, I will try to define time of this grandiose event which has left a bright trace in legends almost of all people living on Earth.
But before to carry out all this, I will share with you the opinion why the majority of researchers of the Unknown don't consider in their works more remote geological past.
In my opinion, it is connected with error dominating among people that ancient inhabitants of Earth were the same as we, and duration of their life was limited to one hundred years.

Life expectancy of ancient inhabitants of Earth was estimated in thousands years

I showed in my books («Disappeared inhabitants of the Earth», «Battles of ancient gods», «Earth before the Flood – the world of magicians and werewolves»), and on my site in the section «Disappeared inhabitants of the Earth», that in different legends people are meant as creations absolutely unlike at each other – snakepeople, multiarmed, many-bodied and many-headed beings, people - and snakepeople-amphibian, people monkeys, similar to modern people giants, dwarfs, both various chimeras and mutants. Almost in all legends it is noted that earlier they lived very long, and some of them in general were immortal.
Most of all information on time of life of antediluvian people contains in Old Indian texts and legends. In them all history of Earth is subdivided on Satya Yuga (Golden Age), Treta Yuga (silver age), Dvapara Yuga (bronze age) and Kali Yuga (Iron Age). They differed from each other by dominating orders and life expectancy of inhabitants of every Yuga. So, inhabitants of Satya Yuga  lived 100 000 years, life of inhabitants of Treta Yuga proceeded up to 10 000 years, Dvapara Yuga – 1 000 years, and only for inhabitants of Kali Yuga the age limit ‘was given’ up to 100 years.
In my work «History repeats itself through 150 million years. About compliance of world eras and yugas and about existence of reasonable life in the Carboniferous, Ordovician and other periods», I carried out the comparison of Old Indian Yugas with the geochronological scale and defined that the border of Dvapara-yuga and Kali-yuga corresponds to the Miocene and Pliocene boundary (calculated as 5,184, geochronological 5,332 million years ago). The border of Treta-yuga and Dvapara-yuga corresponds to the early and middle Miocene (calculated 15,9, geochronological 15,97 million years ago). And the border of Satya-yuga and Treta-yuga – on a boundary of the Eocene and Oligocene (calculated 31,452, geochronological 33,9 million years ago). All boundaries of Yugas were accompanied by global catastrophes, which completely «changed the face of the world».  (It is repeatedly noted in legends), these global disasters led to change of contours and the sizes of the ancient northern continent Hyperborea, called in Old Indian texts as Svarga, and in Buddhist texts - Jambudvipa.
In my work «The earliest maps were made in the Paleogene» I showed that the map of Hyperborea by G. Merkator of 1554 year was copied from any ancient map made no later than 16 million years ago. In the book «The country of  immortal and magicians. When was the Golden Age on Earth?» and in some other works placed on the site (, I came out with the assumption that at that period of time the Planet Earth was populated by such people, who were at a high level of development, and who gave to the world the first remarkable cartographers. About such cartographers as– Daityas, guards, nephelims and ‘fallen’ angels it is told in Rigveda, the Books of Enoh, Ispolins and the Cabbalah. It agrees to the comparison of legends carried out by me with geological data, they landed on Earth at the end of an oligocene (25 million years ago). And before them Hyperborea was populated by not less powerful race of other newcomers – Adityas, Gandharves and, possibly, Vidyadhares, Charanes and Siddhes, which arrived on our planet in a century of domination of mesozoic monsters – dinosaurs (and here) .
According to Old Indian texts, Adityas (Slavic varozhichi) were immortal, the life expectancy of Vidyadhares reached one million years, Daityas and Danavas lived by 100 thousand  years and more. To the immortal or the long-livers other inhabitants of antediluvian Earth  belonged also. It was snakepeople, multiarmed beings, amphibian people etc.
And now imagine, what such life expectancy of ancient inhabitants of Earth could give us – to their far descendants? It could (and should) lead to preservation of ancient knowledge - data on Earth and occupying its tens millions years ago reasonable beings. After all, for the humanoids living by 100 thousand, and even by 10 thousand years to keep similar knowledge is the same, as for  the modern people, living by 100 years to keep the knowledge existing B.C. And we can easily record this period of time in our memory and store this knowledge carefully.
Another thing is that the majority of ancient texts and maps were lost during numerous global catastrophes, transforming the Earth beyond recognition. The escaped records and drawings were also meaningly destroyed by religious fanatics and statesmen who didn't want that people learned about the true past; they burned tons of manuscripts in libraries and other storages on fire. At last, copying them in present period (I consider a modern era- holocene, which begane 12 or 10 thousand years ago) people could not understand simply what this knowledge means. Therefore all data on the very remote past reached us in strongly changed condition of improbable degree of mythologized look.
Nevertheless, ancient knowledge in the form of books, maps and, generally, oral legends, after all, exists. As there is also a possibility them to decipher, read and understand. It can be done only on a joint of different sciences, and, first of all, geology and folklore. I hope that some break in this direction is done also by my researches stated in three mentioned books and on this site. (

Well and now I will try to answer three questions which put before myself several paragraphs above.

Legends are echoes of events of many-million-years prescription

1) The most part of the events described in legends about the previous worlds, ancient continents, accidents, characterizes time dates from us on tens of millions years.
I will show it on examples from legends of the different people.
Most of all data in this respect, perhaps, contains in myths and legends of Aztecs, Nauya and  Maya.
Practically in all Aztec myths about the Sun it is told about death of the Third world and the Third mankind on fire which «came on a silver platter in the form of lightnings». In them is narrated that «volcanoes opened the craters, and fire devoured the earth. Sand and the heated stones» («History of Mexicans on their drawings») « And for this reason the face of the earth darkened, and the black rain started to fall; heavy rain in the afternoon and heavy rain at night» ("Popol-Vukh") « Those who lived during Third [era] … were lost, the rain of fire fell to them» (Chimalpopok's Code). After that, on all surface of Earth the most severe earthquakes swept. «The rain of fire from stones and ashes started, rocks and trees were tumbled down on the earth» (the myth of the Maya). Finished this global cataclysm a usual flood for such cases. «And then terrible water flows came tearing along. And … the sky fell down, and the earth sank».
This sequence of events accompanied by death of the Third mankind (people turned into birds or turkey-cocks), is well entered in reconstructed by me in work «Great catastrophes in the history of Earth». The scenario of global disasters which occurred at turns of geological eras and were accompanied by mountain building, change of contours of continents and oceans and death of a considerable part of organisms living on Earth. Even the strongest (in memory of people) eruption of volcanoes and earthquake weren't accompanied by "a collapse of heavens», a flood and death of all mankind.
If the most numbed sceptics, nevertheless, try to object and tell to me that the legends of Aztecs, Naya and the Maya about the change of the Third and Fourth worlds and Mankind describes the local accident accompanied by death of some tribe from a volcanic eruption, earthquake or a tsunami, I will bring further confirmation of the words about the world scale of accidents in the legends of Indians hopi about death of the First world of Tokpel, which I compare with the Third world era of Aztecs.
The first World, Tokpel, was destroyed by fire very quickly, however
gods had to wait long enough, while the earth will cool down to create the new world. Ponder, after world destruction the earth long cooled down. It is impossible to explain only by eruptions of volcanoes – the lava cools down quickly enough, and people still now live in the neighbourhood with active volcanoes. It is rather means that conditions on Earth of that time reminded the modern conditions on Venus. And it also could be only during the global catastrophes dividing different geological eras.
It agrees to "Popol-Vukh" of the Maya, also to the legends of Aztecs, Incas and Indians hopi, that people escaped from awful catastrophe deeply underground where they had to live during all time while the surface of the earth were cooling down. During volcanic eruptions and earthquakes which happen spontaneously, very few people come to idea to escape underground and, especially, nobody thinks to stay underground for such a long period, that many generations of people (it is mentioned practically in all legends) have past away.
If for the sceptics it seems insufficiently, I will give a fragment from "Popol-Vukh", where in bright paints depicts that events, which occurred during accident (which finished destruction of the second mankind) on Earth.
«It was cloudy and gloomy on Earth’s surface (after death of the second mankind), the Sun didn't exist yet. But, nevertheless, there was a being, called Vukub-Kakish (a spiteful being – the father of titans Kabrakan and Sipakna, appears in the epos even before the sun creation), and there was it very haughty. The sky and the earth, however, existed, but faces of the Sun and the Moon were still absolutely invisible. And (Vukub-Kakish) told:" Really, they -
a clear sample of those people which sank, and their nature are the nature of supernatural beings" ….
Vukub-Kakish had two sons: the first was called Sipakna, the second - as Kabrakan. And mother of these two bore a name Chimalmat, the wife of Vukub-Kakish.
Sipakna played with huge mountains, as with a ball: with the mountain Nikak, with the mountain Hoon-Akhpu, Pekul, Nashka-Nul, Makamob and Hulisnab. Here names of mountains which existed when there was a dawn; in the one and only night they were created by Sipakna.
And Kabrakan also forced to shiver mountains; thanks to Him big and small mountains melted. Here how Vukub-Kakish's sons proclaimed about the pride
. "Listen, I am the sun!" - Vukub-Kakish spoke. "I’m the one who created the earth!" - spoke Sipakn. "I’m the one who created the sky and forced the earth to shiver!" - Kabrakan spoke.
Here how Vukub-Kakish's sons followed the lead of the father and to his expected greatness …. Neither our first mother, nor our first father then weren't still created
It is obvious that in this fragment from "Popol-Vukh" one of eras of mountain building which fell on borders of geological eras is figuratively described.
Well and if someone  now begins to date these events 4 or 12 thousand years ago – then I don’t know what even to say. I will need to open only a mouth to say long and long «i …» (it is too much).

Legends describe the beings who have disappeared long before appearance of people, and the catastrophes which have ruined them

I will continue.
According to the majority of Aztec sources about the Sun, the Fourth world era came to the end with a flood which proceeded «52 years» (at duration of the Fourth era of 312 years). The first that is evident at once –it is told practically in all legends - the flood was result of continuous rains which were sent on the earth by god Teskatlipoka. «During many days there was a rain, and the earth was flooded». Only one this circumstance doesn't allow to compare it with the flood of 12-thousand-year ago, which was caused by the huge tidal wave formed as a result of change of Earth’s axis of rotation. And later floods of such scale simply didn’t exist.
The second – «the rain went so strongly that the sky fell upon the earth». «From the sky such large quantity of water and in such surplus flew that heavens fell, and waters carried away all living masegualy (people) and from them all species of fishes existing nowadays were created; and so (people) ceased to exist and the sky ceased to exist, as it fell to the ground» («History of Mexicans by their drawings»).
The third – «Earth at any time could collapse on a part».
And, at last, the fourth. Chimalpopok's code mentions during the period between the Fourth and Fifth world eras red mountains, most likely, volcanoes from which the lava streamed:
«The sky came nearer to Earth and in one day everything was lost. Even mountains disappeared under water. It is said that rocks which we see now, covered all earth, and «tetsontli» [the porous stone lava, one of the main construction materials of Mexico] boiled and raged with a loud noise and mountains of red color» rose.
All this too is the certificate of the description of the grandiose catastrophe similar to global disasters, occurring at turns of geological eras. No local events - rains, hurricanes, eruption of volcanoes can explain «a collapse of heavens on the earth», flooding by water of high mountains and death of all people.
There are very curious details in legends about the death of the Fourth or the Third (according to different legends) mankind: «they were knocked down by water», «waters carried away all living masegualy», «water carried away plants, animals and people». Escaped "people" turned into fishes. According to the Code Rios and to the Code Telleriano-Remensis, escaped only one pair of "people" which became ancestors of «the fourth human race this time similar to the modern person». The last statement says that inhabitants of the first four world eras (all of them were giants) weren't people, and even remotely didn't remind them. It is also told in the majority of other legends about the first four world eras. And it, in turn, proves that legends of the Maya, Naya, Aztecs and Hopi describe events which occurred incommensurably before accident of 12 thousand years ago –it happened many millions years ago!!!

Tyamingilas, timitimingilas and makaras – the sea monsters which have disappeared in the Neogene

I will bring for additional confirmation two Indian legends absolutely from other area. The first of "Mahabharata" – about travel of the son of Indra Ardzhuna on the aircraft across the immense ocean on purpose to win amphibian-people nivatakavachs ("dressed in impenetrable armors"). Here excerpt from this legend:
"When I [Ardzhuna] seized (heavenly) weapon and deserved trust [inhabitants of heaven], [Indra] … told: … "In all three worlds there is now nothing excessive for you. In a fortress in the heart of the ocean my enemies-danavy that are called "dressed in impenetrable armors" took cover. Is their three hundred million, they are similar with each other both the shape, and power, and greatness. Conquer them, Oh, Kauntey!". Then He gave me marvelously sparkling chariot operated by Matali …
... Having overcome the rough [ocean], the greatest keeper of waters [teeming with tyamingilas, timitimingilas and makaras] I saw directly before myself the city of Daityas, teeming with Danavas. Here Matali quickly landed on a land and I went to this city, disclosing vicinities with a chariot roar
This fragment is breaking our perception of a picture of the ancient world! Our attention is attracted by tyamingilas, timitimingilas and makaras. Here what is told about them in the explanation of translators of the "Mahabharata" by B.L. Smirnov, Ya.V.Vasilkov and S.L.Nevelova. Tyamingilas – huge fishes who swallowed whales. Timitimingilas – sea monsters which swallowed tyamingilas. Makara – the enormous sea monsters similar to sea crocodiles.

Such huge predatory fishes and sea monsters now doesn't exist. However, from the Oligocene (about 25 million years ago) to the Pleistocene (about 1,5 million years ago) oceans of Earth were plowed by a huge shark – Megalodon in the length to 22 meters and is powerful to 50 t, eating whales. In the Eocene (45-36 million years ago) in the warm seas there lived the largest sea predator Basiolosaurus in the length to the 25th meter, also eating whales, and Zeyglodonties with a serpentine body in the length to 21 meters. In the late Cretaceous (as it is considered, till 65,5 million years ago) the seas "teemed" with the predatory Ichthyosauruses reminding in a form of dolphins, the size to 24 meters. And in 2008 the Belgian and Italian paleontologists in Ica desert in Peru in one layer with remains of Megalodon, there were found a skeleton of a fossil predatory whale of 12-13 million age in the size about 18 meters with the teeth exceeding  the size teeth of these sharks, Leviathan melvillei, called by them. It also ate fossil whales in the size about 10 meters. As to makaras, reminding by their form of crocodiles, they could be Kronosa-uruses and Mosasau-ruses which died out, according to scientists, at the end of the Cretaceous (65,5 million years ago). I  showed in my books that many dinosaurs, particular in the sea, lived, at least, till the boundary of the early and middle Miocene (16 million years ago). By the way, in the Bible they are called as leviathans.

Winter in Central India – an echo of events up to the Middle Miocene

The second legend from "Ramayana" – about winter in India (at a latitude of between 20 and 15 degrees north):

«Imperceptibly passed autumn and there came winter. Once at sunrise Ragkhava's descendant went down to Godaveri's river to make the put ablution, and valorous Saumitri, with a jug in hands submissively following it together with Zita, told to the big brother: — There came a season loved by you, oh the good-natured tsarevitch, when all around seems dressed in the sparkling dress! Earth, which has given rise to rich crops, is seized by a frost, water any more doesn't bring pleasure and there is nothing more than I wish, some fire granting heat … Now the sun is weak, there is the constant frost, penetrating cold and deep snow. There came cold long nights when it is impossible to sleep on the open air, and the constellation of Pushya seems hardly distinguishable in the snow sky … The snow is brought by the western wind, it turns everything into ice, and it is intolerably cold in the morning … The sun rises late, hardly making the way through low snow clouds».
Now the river Godavari is at 15-20 ° N. The zone of snow cover seldom passes in the winter 45-40 °, in a hilly terrain – 40-35 ° (
Central India is not highlands). In the quoted fragment from the "Ramayana" it is told about winter, characteristic, at least, for the European part of Russia and Ukraine, i.e. 60-50° north.l. The last considerable moving of a terrestrial axis occurred 12 thousand years ago. It made from 15 to the 30th degree , and the North Pole was whether in the Central Greenland, whether in Northern Canada. At any arrangement of the North Pole 20 000 – 15 000 years ago, as well as after 12 000 years ago, Cntral India should be in a snowless zone and in this heavenly spot there should not be a winter at all! Means, in the "Ramayana" we read about the much earlier times, when Hindustan was considerably to the south of the modern situation (according to paleo-geodinamic reconstruction, her movement from the South to the north occurred to speed about 8 cm a year) or when poles were very far from the modern situation.
In this legend there is one more very interesting moment. Now the coldest wind is considered northern. In the legend it is told about the western cold penetrating wind! Whether means it, that the North Pole was in the West earlier, and the sun ascended from the North (if the direction of movement of Earth round its pivot-center was the same)? It appears in legends of many people of the world. It is said that the sun really ascended earlier or motionlessly stood … in the north, and only after great accident began to ascend in the east. To the description of this accident, occurred about 16 million years ago, the body of my work is devoted following.
And at last, to "kill any doubts”, I will give one more curious detail. During time described in the "Ramayana",  India and Lanka was populated by multiarmed and many-headed rakshasas, and action was developed in Treta-Yuga or "silver age" by the Indian chronology. As I showed in the work, «History repeats itself through 150 million years. About compliance of world eras and the Yugas and about existence of reasonable life in the Carboniferous, Ordovician and other periods», Treta-Yuga corresponded to the Oligocene and  early Miocene (34-16 million years ago), and in its second half falling on the early Miocene, Earth represented a strange and surprising show – it consisted of light and dark halves.
At attentive studying of mythology it is possible to find still a set of the similar moments, testifying that events described in legends were developed tens millions years ago. I hope, now you can independently make it. And I only will give to you the reference to my article «About what the fairy tales tell? Time and life expectancy of antediluvian mankind» that many national fairy tales also describe the times, which stand from us on many millions years.

... and the space cataclysms, happened tens millions years ago

Here’s one more most interesting legend of Indians hopi, confirming multi-million-years age of events described in legends - how there was a death of the Second world of Tokpa (Dark midnight).
By order of the Supreme god Sotuknanga the axis of the Second world was provided to itself, it began to rotate at reckless speed, to be shaken and, having twice turned over, descended from an orbit round the Sun. As a result, mountains and the seas mixed up, then all turned into a piece of ice - there came the period of the world freezing. When all old collapsed, Sotuknang returned Earth into a former orbit and began creation of the Third world of Kuskurz. After everything was ready, it opened an ant hill cover (an underground shelter) and let out people from it.
I hope, after all of this information nobody will tell now that the death of the Second world hopi occurred 4 or 12 thousand years ago? As the large-scale freezing of the Arctic and Antarctics began 16 million years ago. It is possible to doubt, of course, truthfulness of legends, but it is not necessary to work in vain - in the following section I will show that myths and legends of the majority of the people of the world never before connected among themselves (the official science so considers), almost equally describe many major events.

The geology helps to date legends

Given above examples, in my opinion, it is quite enough to argue – the majority of the catastrophic events described in myths characterizes time, date from us on tens of millions years. They correspond to the global cftastrophes occurring at turns of different geological eras, accompanied by mountain building, eruption of volcanoes, earthquakes, a reconstruction and a flood (sea transgression). From a course of geology it is known that accidents of similar scale occurred at the Miocene and Pliocene boundary (5,3 million years ago), the early and middle Miocene boundary (15,9 million years ago), the Oligocene and Miocene boundary (23 million years ago), the Eocene and Oligocene (34 million years ago) and the Cretaceous and Paleogene (65,5 million years ago). All other Neogene catastrophes and Quaternary Period accidents (in the Paleogene, seemingly, any more there were no accidents) were smaller on scale and were hardly accompanied by "a collapse of heavens» on the earth and being expected the Earth split.

… and to define time of events described in legends

By the way, I will add some more words about the Earth split. It is possible to find instructions in legends of many people of the world on the strongest motions of crust occurring during accidents. So, according to the Chinese legend, «Earth broke up into parts, from its subsoil water rushed and flooded the earth … and the earth began to lose the shape …. from the North the sky started to fall slowly … there was a Sun eclipse … planets changed the movement. Stars began to departure from the sky and to disappear in gaping emptiness».
As other Chinese myth affirms that during great accident the earth strongly tilted and fell to the sea behind coast of China, and waters of a flood directed on the southeast.
In the myth of the Australian natives it is said that great jolting and big water came to the earth - «the earth began to shake and by land big waves of water» swept.
After water left, on a place of mountains there were valleys, on a place of valleys – mountains. The sun also started to do everything on the contrary: earlier it rose from the North and set to the South, and after the great flood, it began to rise from the East and to set to the West. All this speaks about sharp change of provision of a terrestrial axis. And one of results of it as I told in work «Global catastrophes, change of provision of a terrestrial axis and destruction on Earth. Causes and effects» there was a formation of deep breaks.
About formation of splits of Earth also it is told in the Indian, Slavic, Greek and many other legends. About the Change of movement of the Sun to the East – West is noted, at least, in the Mexican, Egyptian, Chinese and Australian legends.

Beginning/ Continuation “The description of the accident which has led to a change of the old and new worlds and emergence of the modern mankind, in legends of the different people: emergence of the Moon and the Sun. Earth on fire and darkness only Russian text now

©  A Koltypin, 2012
©  A Fennel, 2012 (translation)

We, A. Koltypin the author of this work, and A.Fennel the translator of this work, give permission to use this for any purpose except prohibited by applicable law, on condition that our authorship and hyperlink to the site is given.

Strongly recommend you to read my work "Legends and hypothesis about a lunar rabbit, churning of the ocean, spinning up of the firmament (vault of heaven), origin of the Moon and connection of the Moon with death and immortality - the description of catastrophes at the boundaries between the Third and Fourth and the Fourth and Fifth world epochs, acquisition of modern appearance by  Earth and emergence of the modern person - Homo Sapiens", which complements the study, and also a series of my works  "Epochs of development of mankinds (humankinds) in mythologies of the Maya, Nahua and Aztecs" in the section "Five world epochs and mankinds (humankinds) of the Maya, Nahua and Aztecs"
Read also my work about the time of existence above land of water-vapor cover (envelope) "Paleocene-Eocene - the Golden Age of Mankind (Humanity)"  Translated into English

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