Ica Stones - the Messages from the Underground Settlement of Ancient inhabitants of America of Tulan-Chimostok of 17 million years age - Earth before the Flood: Disappeared Continents and Civilizations

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Ica Stones - the Messages from the Underground Settlement of Ancient inhabitants of America of Tulan-Chimostok of 17 million years age

Remains of disappeared civilizations
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Possible finding of Tulan-Chimostok in South America and its relationship with undergroumd tunnels and mazes under Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia and Chile allow to raise once again a question about the surprising collection of engraved stones or Ica stones collected by doctor Xavier Kabrera and other explorers which is stored in the private museum of Kabrera to the south of Ica town and some other museums (Ica museum, the Aeronautics museum in Lima, the Naval museum in Callao, etc.). The total number of rocks amounts, under different data, from 11 to 15 thousand, and, according to X. Kabrera, with count of the stones which have dispersed to different  private collections thanks to activity huakeros (plunderers of tombs), - order of 50 thousand.

X. Kabrera considered that in subsoil (the bowels of the earth) it is hidden yet not less than 200 - 300 thousand similar stones.

Size, shape of engraved Ica stones and their images

Engraved stones (Ica stones) represent river boulders of andesites [1] from 15-20 g to 500 kg in weight and from several sm to 1 m and more in diameter (length) with pictures put on them by means of engraving - grooves by depth of 1-2 mm , or executed in the technology of a low relief. The images are different enough and include:
- "people";
- polydactyl horses (meryhippuses), prehistoric elephants (mastodon or dinotheres), prehistoric camels (alticameluses) and other animals;
- dinosaurs (triceratops, stegosauruses, brachiosaurs, pterosaurs, iguanodons, tyrannosaurs, pterodactyls, etc.);
- semimen-semibirds, like kimnaras and sirens;
- "people" astride polydactyl horses, prehistoric elephants, alticameluses, dinosaurs;
- "people" hunting on dinosaurs;
- operations on ablation of extremities (limbs), transplantation of kidneys, hearts, trepanation of sculls and replanting of brain and so on;
- schemes of a constitution of viscera of "people";
- geographical and star maps with images of known and unknown continents, the sun, stars, comets and "people" watching them;
- erotic scenes of obviously homosexual directivity, etc.

Pictured on Ica stones "people" - not people

The doctor of history Y.A. Zubritsky having worked many years in Peru and personally familiar with doctor X. Kabrera, had paid an attention that "people" engraved on Ica stones or humanoids differ from the modern people by a big head (it relates to the remaining part of a body as 1:3 or 1:4 whereas for the modern people this ratio is 1:7 - 1:6) [2] with a slanting forehead and other proportions of a body. In his opinion, they belonged to a dead-end branch of the Neanderthal men who have died out more than 100 thousand years ago. Kabrera had similar point of view and considered that beings on Ica stones were not our grandparents. 

Forgery is excluded! Ica stones are known from the most ancient tombs since the time of the conquistadors

One of the earliest mention about the engraved stones meets in Juan de la Santa Cruz Pachakuti's treatise «the List of documents of the antiquity from Peru» (1613). It is speaked in it that during governing of Pachakuti Inca Jupanka (1438-1471) in the region where Ica province is situated today, great number of stones with engravings had been revealed. [3]

The mention about Ica stones in the beginning of XVII century reduces to zero a probability of that they are the modern falsifications as many scientists try to present  them. However, it is difficult enough to perceive and without it, for what purpose the whole army of professional engravers on stones needed to be engaged within several years - and almost for nothing - by this laborious business.

Litoteka of 341 engraved Icf stones discovered by H.Kabrera

The first engraved stones in our times, apparently, had been found by brothers Carlos and Pablo Soldi on the plantation in Okukaha in 1955. After unsuccessful tryings to attract attention of scientific community to them, they had sold them to the direct descendant of the founder of Ica [4], decane of medical faculty of the University of Lima, doctor Xavier Kabrera Darkea.
At first having accepted the collection from 341 rocks sceptically, he had soon found the large accumulation of engraved stones on the Pacific coast to the south of Ica. As he said, they had been laid in strictly certain order and showed a peculiar gigantic scientific library, more correctly litho-library, of some certainly very ancient civilisation. Tectonic processes, marine storms and hurricanes, at last, late human activity have led to that "books" - "library"'s stones have appeared underground and have been separated enough. After all, from the moment of its creation many years have passed.

Analyses of Ica stones show their incredible antiquity

Step by step X. Kabrera's collection grow with 341 to 11-15 thousand engraved stones.

In 1967 Kabrera had carried out an analysis of the patina (oxide film) covering the surface of the stones  and the depressions, forming pictures, in the lab of the mining company «Mauritsio Hochshild Mining Company» in Lima and had received the conclusion about an antiquity of the given samples. In 1969 analogous conclusion had been received from professor Frenchen from the University of Bonn (Germany), from the University of Lima and from the Engineering school of Lima. According to James Sivard (2004), the age of the oxide film is, at least, 55 000 years.

Ica stones - the messengers of the underground settlements of Tulane-Chimostok of the Miocene epoch

There continues till now to find engraved stones  in caves, entombments of well-known ancient cultures - Parakas, Naska, Ica, and in Incan tombs. It is incontrovertible evidence of their antiquity and authenticity.. And that they are situated in entombments of different age (from I millenary BC till II millenary AD) can testify that Ica stones were at ancient Incas and inhabitants of the states existing before appearance of Incan empire, in the capacity of the relics transferring to them from their grandparents. They quite could be found out in pakarinas (pacarinas) or subterranean mazes out of which the grandparents once had went out.
Taking into consideration that pakarinas (pacarinas) and underground tunnels of South America and Tulan-Chimostok in which far grandparents of the Maya, Aztecs and other people 17 million years ago lived(and here),  were apparently the same, Ica stones can be messengers from the Miocene epoch.
And there is nothing surprising in it. When I took part in geological expeditions I collected many times samples of andesites of different age - from several hundreds million years to several tens thousand years. And in the most cases they looked approximately equally. That is, having put nearby two stones and having reshuffled them blindfold it is not always possible to determine, which of them has age, let us suppose, 200 million years, and which - 2 million years. Certainly, it is concerned only fresh split. If samples represented boulders, which would lie accordingly 200 million and 2 million years on air, it would be possible to distinguish them even visually, without microscopic tests.
But if these boulders have been immured in tombs, hidden in caves where there were no water, temperature gradients, air circulation, they would look as new rather through 200 million years. The same touches pictures made on them by means of engravings. Means, to 17 million-year age of Ica stones it is difficult to "cavil"s (carps) with the position of geologist.
If Ica stones really have come to our epoch from Tulan-Chimostok, it explains, why  the stones so much. Imagine yourself, what did you do, if at will of ill fate you have been immured "for many long years, millenaries or even million years in subterranean shelters. It is not necessary to wait for an answer too long - most probably, to pass away a time, you would be engaged in some creativity. And most of all you would like to image scenes from your former life on land with all diversity of beings inhabiting there. Then - the most memorized episodes from life in subterranean shelters. At last, various maps and manuals on which it would be possible to learn children or which would be supposed to be left for edification of offsets etc.

Haw did the world looked 17 million years ago? The Ica stones allow to find it

And if it was so, the picrured subjects and scenes on Ica stones are mute, but rather eloquent witnesses of how the world looked 17 million years ago. So let us try to restore its separate elements!
-  polydactyl horses (meryhippuses), prehistoric elephants (mastodon or dinotheres), prehistoric camels (alticameluses)
and other animals. In Miocene they were wide spread, and a litle differed on appearance from their modern descendants.

- Different dinosaurs-dragons (Chinese loon, probably, also belonged to them) which are considered died out in the Mesozoic era, but which, according to legends of many people, lived still rather recently. In the Miocene many of them used as working cattle and vehicles.
- People-birds (and here) and other chimaeras. They existed simultaneously with dinosaurs.
- "People" of the old epoch resembling the modern people but who on many factors - the size and  form of a head, a forehead, a chest at women, a penis at men, the constitution of a hand of an arm, similar to monkeys' one (the thumb does not withstand to remaining), the coitus way etc., were not them. During that far epoch there were a great number of such people.
- Possession by these "people" by extensive knowledges on medicine, geography, astronomy which they actively used in practice.
- Social inequality of the "people" from Ica stones. This inequality, according to Y. Zubritsky, was determined by their race. "People" with features of faces of Negroid race always represented themself as managers and chiefs. And the society resembled slaveholding society (in the capacity of donors of hearts young men were).
- Organic aggregation existing in the Miocene civilizations with the Nature (and here, and here),  especially with fauna, and ability artfully and purposefully to use interrelations and subjects of that world.
- Homosexual orientation of "people" from Ica stone. Perhaps, it had originated because of severe deficiency of women at the "people" hidden in underground. There  as if speaks about it appreciable predominance of the images of men over the images of women. However, at the same time, it is impossible to exclude that it was related to sins of antediluvian society (the same subject about conditions of mankind before catastrophes is presented in legends of the most other people).
All numbered animals (except dinosaurs), according to investigations of paleontologists, lived on Earth in the Miocene and had died out in the Miocene or in the beginning of the Pliocene. Alticameluses is especially significant in this respect, because it lived on Earth in the range 19-13 million years ago, and according to some data it disappeared from the "face" of Earth even earlier. The Lifetime of these animals are good agreeed with supposed age of Ica stones and the lifetime of far grandparents of Indians in Tulan-Chimostok, the deluge, the period of darkness and frosts, (and here) and the time of separation of the Moon from Earth. All these had occured at the boundary between the Early and Middle Miocene (15.9 million years ago)! And to argue with it is already difficult.

See photos of bas-reliefs of dinosaurs and Paleocene animals together with the ancestors of people, made by me in the temple complex of Angkor, Cambodia, and pictures of dragons, used as a horse from various temples in Thailand and Cambodia

© A.Koltypin, 2009

I, A. Koltypin the author and translator of this work give permission to use this for any purpose except prohibited by applicable law, on condition that our authorship and hyperlink to the site http://earthbeforeflood.com is given.

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[1] Андезит - излившаяся вулканическая порода среднего состава
[2] Ю. Зубрицкий. Неандертальская цивилизация, 1991.
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[4] Город Ика был основан в 1563 г. Иеронимом Луисом Кабрерой

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