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Liaisons and Marriages of Fomorians with Men and Women of the Danu People (Tuatha de Danann, elves)

Descendants of mixed marriages

On the page "Fomorians - terrible giants and monsters from Irish and Welsh legends, equal to Tuatha de Danann in magic art" description of the true appearance of these mysterious people is given, which are presented as "crowds of abominable giants and monsters" - one-eyed, one-armed and one-legged giants, or as giants with a shapeless monstrous appearance and a different number of eyes and extremities.

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In Irish sagas and legends there are and absolutely others Fomorians - werewolves espoused with men and women of the people of Danu (the Danu people). Here they have an appearance of perfect girls and young men - well matched Tuatha.
Here before us is Fomorian Elatha which have liaison with Eriu from the Danu people. From that liaison Bres (Bress mac Elatha) was born, who became soon the ruler of Tuatha
That is what it is described in the Irish saga of "The Battle of Mag Tuired" (Cath Maige Tuired).
Once Erie had come up to the sea and suddenly had seen an silvery ship on the deck of which a warrior with yellow-green hair and in a garment embroidered by gold threads with gold patterns stood; his name was Elatha. He had slept with Erie and had told that the son by name of Eohaid Bres, Eohaid Beautiful will be born at her.
"Then lay they together. When Erie have seen that the warrior gets up, she began to cry.
- Why are you crying? - the warrior asked.
- Two reasons to my grief, - the woman have answered.
- Parting with you after our meeting. Youths of the people of Danu in vain solicited me, and now you have taken possession of me, and I wish only you".
Bres had inherited from his father demonic traits, and "its reign was sad". Bards and filids (philids) fell silent, festivals were stopped. Three rulers of Fomorians -  Indech, Elatha and Balor (under other version, Tetra) had laid Ireland under tribute. "Great men themselves have been urged to draw the duty: Ogma carried firewood, and Dagda erected  fortresses - it is he who has built  fortress of Bres".
In long run Tuata de Danann obliged Bres to give up a throne and he come for help to the  country of Fomorians - presumptively to Britain or Scotland. Fomorians, led by Balor and Indech, attacked the Danu people from the east. A great fight in which military courage and valour densely interlaced with magic burst out. Tuatha won it and spared "betrayer Bres" for the fact that he had reported them methods and dates of cultivation of land. "Let till on Tuesday, fields sow on Tuesday, on Tuesday let reap. So Bres has been saved". Thereby the People of Danu, possessing by military art and druidistic wisdom, became also expert in agriculture, and they did it thanks to knowledge of fomorians.
Other men and women of the people of Danu have also been related with Fomorians by dynasty marriages, for example, Lug, the mister of hundred crafts, was the grandson of the sovereign of Fomorians Balor and the divine physician Dian Keht from the Danu people.

Other examples of mixed marriages

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