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Martian Pyramids are Inhabited!?

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Look closely at these detailed images of the surface of Mars in Sidonia region, obtained by the American orbit flying vehicle "Global Surveyer Orbiter" which committed in 1997-2000 a number of unplanned manoeuvres for the only purpose to conduct detailed photography of this territory about revealing (discovery) of pyramids.
On presented parts of the high-quality photos of the  surface of Mars (it had been received more than ten photos) the numerous formations of cone-shaped, polyhedral (multifarious) and pyramidal form surprisingly resembling pyramids - as simple, analogous Egyptian, and with truncated cone, look-alike Mexican, are visible. The size of such formations is from 10 to 100 m in diameter. There are "pyramids" a little bigger - up to 200-300 m. Many of them are grouped in lines, triangles and other geometrical figures.
Opinions of explorers concerning genesis of the "pyramids" are different. Some of them consider the "pyramids" as natural formations formed in a result of weathering of volcanic or sedimentary rocks. Others see in their education will of reason . Discussions do not cease and to the present day. Probably, they will be stopped only after carrying out of manned expeditions to Mars and detailed studying of this territory.
However,  it is already now seen on a number of the photos that some "pyramids" have correct facets of an equilateral triangle, and truncated "pyramids" furthermore - absolutely flat surfaces. But the most intriguing thing is that round holes is excellently seen in bottom of some "pyramids" which can be by entries into them.

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