The Most Important Catastrophe in the History of Earth During Which Mankind Appeared. When It Happened? - Earth before the Flood: Disappeared Continents and Civilizations

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The Most Important Catastrophe in the History of Earth During Which Mankind Appeared. When It Happened?

Great catastrophes
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How many years are given for the history of reasonable (Homo Sapience) mankind? Or what mistakes you can meet in films and literature about the Unknown?

Recently mass media, the Internet and television are overloaded by materials about the Unknown. The large quantity of articles, movies and video films about the life on other planets, the occurring cataclysms on Earth, the continents existing before, immortality, the future apocalypse and many other topics are offered to attention of readers and televiewers. In an huge-stream of this information it is very difficult not to get lost for the unprepared person, plus many articles and films ‘sin’ with "universal coverage and dates». And even the prepared televiewers and readers not often ready for so many «revelations from above» and just few facts, or these facts contradict with the knowledge of scientists.
It is very easy to find confirmation for this. Favourite topic of many publications and films is the world cataclysm, a great flood, nuclear wars of the past, which usualy date thousands years ago, the latest ‘event’ dates 12 thousand years ago. These films and movies are very impressive.
By the opinion of this film-makers, for this short period of time (by geological measures), plunged into the abyss Atlantis, Hyperborea (and here), Lemuria, Patsiphis and other ancient continents… The Earth cognized nuclear wars, and its surface disappeared under huge waves of floods. The Human Being lost his immortality, and then longevity etc. Sometimes these movies are even  more impressive. It appears, that Earth 4 or 12 thousand years ago faced some kind of mythical planet (Nibiru,  Phaeton, Nemesis, etc.) or itself, being the Phaeton splinter, moved into the modern orbit almost from an orbit of Jupiter. And heres even more to come – then Earth faced the Moon, which took its  modern position around the Earth and begane to shine in silvery light on the night sky, and our planet was visited by aliens – from Sirius, Orion,  Phaeton and Mars. And all this should keep within 12 thousand years! My point is the time! How all these cosmic events could be packed in 12 thousand years? Don’t you think it is ‘too much’ for such a short period of time?

Well, we live in a very suprising time. How many events dropped out on our poor head. Reading and watching similar materials, it is difficult to perceive them differently, than a fantasy, pursuing the aim to amuse a little bit or on the contrary to intimidate (depending on human’s predisposition). And more often such movies manage to do it. As well as another thing – to kill hardly arisen belief in alternative theories of development of the Earth and mankind in seriously, thinking researchers.
After all, any student who has studied geology in the slightest degree and the more educated geologist with an experience, knows that for the last 12 thousand years there were nothing  similar on Earth! More than that, there is no conversation about global catastrophes and destructions of the worlds 3 or 4 thousand years ago? Yes, there were earthquakes, eruptions of volcanoes, or tsunami - but it was similar events ( by the scales) that  occur now. At most, on what they were capable is to destroy a city, to devastate some small site of a surface of Earth. But «to wipe off the face of the earth», to destroy the whole continent (Atlantis, Hyperborea (and here), Lemuria, Patsiphis) is already pure fantasy of movie-makers, without geological confirmations.
I wrote in my works «The seventh continent – Hyperborea», «Where was and how looked Hyperborea?», «Atlantis, Hyperborea, Lemuria, Mu – the continents, long ago known by geologists» and others. I told that Hyperborea and Lemuria existed on Earth in the Mesozoic and the beginning of Paleogene Period. Hyperborea  was nothing else, than the well-known for geologists the supercontinent Laurasia, stretched from North America through the Arctic to that place which began to be called later as Tibet, and Lemuria – Hindustan. During the Paleogene period – Hyperborea - Laurasia "lost" North America, Northern Europe and Asia, and the remained Arctic part decreased from the Eocene (58-55 million years) to the Neogene middle (16 million years) already in 4 times. Lemuria - Hindustan at the end of Eocene (40 million years ago) faced the suburb of Eurasia and stoped to exist as the independent continent.
As for Atlantis, it could be  South America (some part of Atlantis). Another part of Atlantis could possible be the ancient ocean Tethis , which stopped its existence at the end of Neogene - Paleogene beginning (25-20 million years ago).
The given examples it is quite enough to show the weakest argument of many offered materials and conclusions for readers and televiewers. And once again one need to note, we have to consider the majority of problems of the natural sciences in complex, particularly concerning a structure and development of Earth and life on it. It should be the complex reseraching, from positions of experts from different fields of knowledge – geologists, historians, specialists in folklore and etc. (and here in Russian). And before it’s happened, instead of scientific articles and films, we will be dealing with compositions «from the world of fiction».

It is not necessary «to invent a bicycle» again. It is necessary to use the scientific heritage of the past!

On the basis of everything told above, it is possible to draw a conclusion, that the main error of the majority of researchers about the  Unknown and authors of the films by  ‘Secrets of Ancient civilizations’ is the bad knowledge of some scientific disciplines (usually, it is geology). It leads to fatal mistakes and creation of uncountable quantity of the hypotheses contradicting to scientific data, and some times to common sense. The most part of erroneous hypotheses are anyway connected with Hyperborea, Atlantis, Lemuria, Patsiphis, a global disaster, world flood, loss by people of immortality and longevity. And if to be more exact, the biggest mistake is hidden in dating of these events.
To admit honest, I didn't understand, on the basis of what data the time of the world disaster, flood and death of Atlantis or Hyperborea is dated 3, 4 or 5 thousand years ago? On the basis of volcanic eruptions or some kind of earthquakes? But, as I wrote above, volcanoes, indeed, were activated, and earthquakes occurred not only one time, but many times in the history of our civilization and much earlier as well. The strongest volcanic eruptions in the history of mankind were Santorin in 1645 BC - 1500 BC, Tambora 1815 and Krakatau of 1883 year. During Tambor's volcanic eruption in 1815 year, the volume of the thrown-out pyroclastic material made 150 — 180 cubic kilometers. The death toll reached 71 000 people. (During Krakatau’s volcanic eruption 38 people died, generally from a tsunami in height to 30 m).

For comparison: the eruption of the Colombian trappean belt in the USA about 16 million years ago (at a turn of the Fourth and Fifth world eras of Aztecs) 170 cubic kilometers of basalts were poured out practically suddenly (see Russian text).

During the strongest in the history of mankind of earthquakes in Tangshan and Gansu and Shaanxi (China) in 1976 and 1556 more than 650 thousand and more than 830 thousand people were lost. But no one from these events didn't lead to the world scales of destructions, described in legends.
Another matter, dating in 12 thousand years ago. Then really there was the cataclysm of the world scale, accompanied by the shift of a terrestrial axis, a flood, with small changing of contour of glaciers, death of mammoths, woolly rhinoceroses, megateries, glipthodons and other animals and an migration of people from the North. But even that cataclysm didn't lead to the considerable reorganization of contours of oceans and continents. The world both before it, and after it looked approximately equally. And before and after the accident 12 – thousands years ago neither Atlantis, nor Hyperborea, or Lemuria didn’t exist closer to that date. Its consequences also were very far from consequences of the accidents described in legends.
It means, the legends of the majority of  people living on the Earth saved echoes of knowledge of much earlier events which occurred on our planet millions years ago. Then really there were all continents mentioned above and there were strongest catastrophes during which oceans "were closed" and the highest mountain systems grew – or, if to quote the words which are often meeting in legends, «continents and oceans interchanged their positions». Time of such cataclysms is well known by geologists.

Well, and now I will return to the beginning from which I started my story: «Many articles and movies cause a rejection in minds of prepared televiewers and readers, because very few facts are given in them, or these facts contradict with the information known long ago by scientists».

The time of life of Hyperborea (Lavrasia), Lemuria (Hindustan), Atlantis (South America or ancient continent of the ocean Tetis), the time of big catastrophes altering the world, it is possible to find in many books, scientific articles and textbooks by geology. So why do we need «to invent a bicycle» again and to date these events for a modern era (12 thousand last years belong to Holocene). Why to build researches by such a way when conclusions received in them, contradict with scientific data? Why people do trying to spread these erroneous conclusions to millions-strong audience?
Whether it is simpler to use scientific heritage of the past, to correct your work and to show people a picture close to reality of the previous world? Then there wouldn’t be a negative attitude to many works and films by the Unknown from scientific community.


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