P.Oleksenko. India - The Cradle of Humanity or a Transit Point in the Development of Civilizations? (Genetic studies confirm the ancient age of people and update the emergence of humanity to 75,000 years ago). Preface A.Koltypin - Earth before the Flood: Disappeared Continents and Civilizations

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P.Oleksenko. India - The Cradle of Humanity or a Transit Point in the Development of Civilizations? (Genetic studies confirm the ancient age of people and update the emergence of humanity to 75,000 years ago). Preface A.Koltypin

Disappeared continents and civilizations
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To all those interested in ancient history and the age and origin of the human race, I recommend reading the work of P.Oleksenko "India - the Cradle of Humanity or a Transit Point in the Development of Civilizations? (Genetic studies confirm the ancient age of people and update the emergence of humanity to 75,000 years ago)." This article has systematized the results of the study of genes of ancient people living in different parts of the globe. And it has examined and compared the results of all genetic studies conducted by leading geneticists up to the end of 2010. From these studies it was concluded that the center point of dispersion, from which came the people who made ancient settlements all around the world, was Hindustan. Streams of people rushed out of Hindustan into the Near East, Europe, Southeast Asia, Oceania and Australia 70-60 thousand years ago.
80-70 thousand years ago, there was a period of great genetic loss that English geneticist S.Oppenheimer has called the period of mass disappearances of people. He tied the initiation of the event to the volcanic eruption of Toba in Sumatra, traces of which are found in the form of a three-meter thick layer of volcanic ash found in India, Pakistan, the bottom of the Indian Ocean and as far away as the snowpack of Greenland. According to Oleksenko, the volcanic eruption of Toba led to a "nuclear winter" and the accompanying epidemics and mass starvation. Prior to this, 80-70 thousand years ago in India and Southeast Asia came the ancestors of the Hindustani people (or, as it can be argued, the present humanity), but where they came from is not clear.
P.Oleksenko is taking seriously the hypothesis that the ancestors of modern people could have come to the peninsula of Hindustan from the mythical continent of Lemuria, which disappeared after the eruption of Toba.
Based on the study of the DNA of different people, C.Oppenheimer, T.Kivisild, Sengupta, Sakho, S.Sharma, P.Underhill, C.Mirabal and other researchers have concluded that there was no Aryan invasion of India 4000 years ago and the Aryan Indian and Dravidian Indian have a smaller racial divide between them than has been previously thought. They have common genetic traits along their male and the female lines of descent. They also have common ancestors who came to India earlier 70-60 thousand years ago.

While agreeing with the conclusions of the study as a whole, I would like to supplement those conclusions here with some additional comments of my own (not present  in either the work of geneticists or the review article by Oleksenko):

The Aryan invasion of India and Iran is still a historical reality. There is too great a heritage of "white gods" (and here) both here in Europe and on the Indian continent for this to be denied. There is too much detail in the Vedas, Avesta, the Mahabharata and other ancient books describing the ancient lands of the North, where there was a continent called Jambudvipa (and here) with a capital city of Amaravati and the sacred Mount Meru. Too great a percentage of the ancient bas-reliefs and sculptures of India and Indochina are concerned with white (Aryan) gods and goddesses for the migration and/or invasion to not have occurred. Deny all this ancient heritage and then we will no longer be able to use ancient Indian history as the first phase of the (post-deluge or “historical”) history of mankind.
What needs to be understood and corrected in our history books is that the invasion of these "white gods" in the Indian subcontinent occurred much earlier than most modern specialists have speculated. As the genetic studies show, it happened more than 80-70 thousand years ago. Perhaps there have been several waves of invading settlers from the north to the south during the Quaternary period - because there were more than 11 pulses of Quaternary glaciations causing settled life in the North to be interrupted several times, not just once.

2) The loss of life and renewal of mankind that occurred 80-70 thousand years ago (74,000 years ago, according to S.Oppenheimer) cannot be explained only by the volcanic eruption of Mt. Toba. About 70 thousand years ago the Mikulinskoye interglacial (the Kazantsevskoye Interglacial in Western Siberia, the Zemskoye interglacial in North and Central Europe and the Riss-Wurm interglacial in the Alps) ended and Earth saw the beginning of the last glacial pulse in its history, known as the Valdai or Pokrovskoye glaciation (the Zyrjanskoye glaciation north of Asiatic Russia, the Vistula glaciation in Northern and Central Europe, the Wurm glaciation in the Alps and the Wisconsin glaciation in North America). If, during the Mikulinskoye interglacial in the central Russian plain, the winter was much milder than it is now (the average January temperature was then about 0 degrees C, but is now closer to -10 degrees C), during the Wisconsin (Valdai) glaciation ice covered about half of North America and about a third of the territory of Europe.
As I noted in my book "Battles of Ancient Gods," almost all boundaries between interglacials and glacial epochs were accompanied by intense tectonic movements, folding and volcanic eruptions across the globe. Since the eruption of the Toba volcano was probably only one event out of several that occurred at around the same time 70-75 thousand years ago, this was a time of a large planetary scale disaster.

Almost all periods of fluctuation between the interglacial and glacial epochs caused changes in the earth's axis and sharp fluctuations in sea level were caused by massive flooding from melting ice sheets and subsequent drainage of remaining waters over large areas of the world. This is consistent with the time of the Mikulinskoye interglacial "pozdnehazarskoe" rise of the Caspian Sea and Baltic Sea levels, which connects then with Lakes Ladoga and Onega and the White Sea and the Arctic Ocean. The early Valdai period saw significant "attelskoe" lowering the level of the Caspian Sea, followed by "rannehvalynskoe" increase. The total fluctuation in sea level during the end of the interglacial periods - the beginning of the glacial epochs was, by the most conservative estimates, 150-200 m, and could be much larger (chronology of glacial and interglacial deposits are not well enough established yet to draw definitive conclusions.)

In the book "Battles of Ancient Gods," I connect ALL quaternary catastrophes, marked by the end of the interglacial and glacial onset, with nuclear wars of the gods, demons, and ancestral people (look here).

3) As rightly noted by Michael Cremo (in his book "Forbidden Archaeology"), modern humans appeared much earlier than 80-70 thousand years ago. Mankind existed and formed a highly developed civilization throughout the entire Quaternary period, and probably also in the Neogene and Paleogene. This assumption is confirmed by finding the remains of modern humans in the Neogene and Paleogene sediments (see my article "Where did the material remains of ancient people go? They number in the thousands!", my title "Where have material remains of the ancients disappeared? They amount to thousands!"). Herodotus and Berosus are two ancient history sources who have confirmed this and other extant data on the lifespans and the lifetimes of ante-diluvian people.

4) The almost complete disappearance of people from the stage of history has occurred repeatedly (only in the Quaternary period - at least 11 times) and this was mainly due to the global disasters that have occurred as a result of human ancestors engaging in nuclear wars (these wars did not only use nuclear, and laser, weather, geomagnetic and magical weapons). As a result of these wars many changes occurred on earth including changes in the position of the axis of rotation of the Earth (and here), intense tectonic movements, volcanic eruptions, fires, floods and freezing. After each of these disasters the development of humanity began again as if starting from scratch. And each time the destructions occurred at an increasingly faster rate due to the reduction in human life expectancy caused by the destruction of the water-steam cover and the ozone layer of the atmosphere. So the disaster that occurred 75-70 thousand years ago and an update of mankind’s loss of genetic diversity and lifespan discovered thru recent genetic research are two of the major events in the lives of our human ancestors during the Quaternary period. If our modern civilization becomes involved in another nuclear war (a very serious possibility that already exists), it is possible that afterwards the new updated life expectancy will not exceed 50-30 years - unless, of course, the Earth turns into a lifeless planet similar to Mars (which is also very likely).

5) The disaster of 75-70 thousand years ago was not the last global catastrophe on Earth. After it had taken place other catastrophe occurred 25-24 thousand years ago, which marked the end of the period “srednevaldaysky” with repeated temperature changes and started the  “poznevaldayskoye” or Ostashkovskoye glaciation. Curiously, on this same date many craters appear on the Earth, the origin of which is now actively associated with nuclear explosions.
In “srednevaldayskoe” time (55-24 thousand years ago) there were several (at least 5) fluctuations in temperature, during which the climate was much colder than at present. My conclusion is that this was a period of fierce wars in the world, which however were not accompanied by planetary scale catastrophes and changes to mankind.
The latest global disaster and the last great flood seem to have taken place 12-10 thousand years ago, and led to another change in the earth's axis, shifting climate zones and the associated loss of mammoths, woolly rhinos, saber-toothed tigers, megatheriums,  glyptodonts and other animals on both sides of the globe.

Read my works "Glaciations of the Quaternary" и "Eleven Quaternary glaciations - wars for supremacy between the Pandavas and the Kauravas" for more information

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