Perspective Projects. Whether will be the «Book of the Lost Knowledge 4» and a Magazine on Mysteries and Enigmas of the Earth? - Earth before the Flood: Disappeared Continents and Civilizations

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Perspective Projects. Whether will be the «Book of the Lost Knowledge 4» and a Magazine on Mysteries and Enigmas of the Earth?

“Book of Lost Knowledge" series by A.Koltypin

The discoveries made in last years in the field of natural sciences, have put before us many new questions. How many civilizations existed on the Earth? What were they? Where were ancient continents placed, and how did they look? What was the cause of their destruction? Why did good "gods" live in the north, but the south was considered as the dwelling of "demons"? When had life on Mars died away? Why do legends often speak, that "gods" have arrived to Earth from Venus? Is the information contained in the Veda and the Bible correct, according to which our planet had earlier bilayered aerosphere - air and water-steam, being over the first? What is the reason and driving force of catastrophes - last and future? Where have remains and remnants of preceding  civilizations disappeared? Why did ancient people live 100 000 years, and the age of modern men seldom reach 100 years? How can explain, that all of them were great magicians, werewolves and could become invisible? For what reason can be  flashes of inspiration, foresight of future, and why do luminous (glowing) halos (nimbus) over temples during worship services, appear?
The list of the questions, which are without answers yet, is possibly to enumerate indefinitely long. For the time of writing of three books of the «Book of the lost knowledge» series I hoped to give the answers on many of them. However after writing every next work there were much more questions. And it became more and more obvious for me: to receive comprehensive answers on them, it is necessary to get involved in investigations specialists of very different professions - astronomers and geophysics, geologists and archeologists, geographers and biologists, historians and anthropologists, ethnographers and linguists etc. But for this purpose it is necessary at first to change a world-view of many of them and to demonstrate on numerous examples that textbooks on mankind history, which schoolboys and students study today, have hopelessnessly become outdated.
In my works I have tried, as much as it was in my forces, to make it. I sincerely hope that I will manage to proceed with the started investigations and further. Moreover the material collected for last years calls for it.
Today, more than ever before, I am overfilled with desire to "splash out" my knowledge and to share my thoughts on very different subjects: about the role of the north in life of immortals, about the paths of  intrusion (penetration) of white "gods" to different  regions of the Globe and their further destiny, about settlement of continents by black newcomers, about study of the "dark" period of history when Earth rotated very slowly and had dark and light halves, about extension (prolongation) of the history of reasonable life on Earth, at least, till the Paleozoic era, about possibility of existence of reasonable life on Mars and Venus, about  reasons of longevity and immortality,  about explanation of magic capacities of ancient people, and possession by them the gift of werewolfeness,  about "thin" fabric of the Universe, and numberless connecting "threads" penetrating it, between the Cerebral (Brain) centre and inhabitants of planets, …
So, in the case of support of my investigations by the Supreme Force, which one name God, and others the Universal or Supreme Reason, and the Supreme civilizations, sharp-watching for the progress of our community, which is accepted to name gods, you should  still see some books of the «Book of the lost knowledge» series in which answers to many of questions will be given.
At the same time I hope there will be earlier-later a magazine or almanac specialising on all subjects numbered above, in which I also can acquaint you with my views and hypotheses. In one such trying - making and publishing of the almanac «Mysteries. Discoveries. Adventures» - I took direct part together with my colleagues and like-minded persons from the former television broadcast the «Club of travellers» by Jury Senkevich, and even fulfilled obligations of its editor-in-chief. We have published four issues of the almanac and have received a lot  of positive responses which do not cease  to the present day.

Альманах "Т.О.П." - цветной глянцевый научно-популярный журнал. Издавался сотрудниками популярной в прошлом телепередачи "Клуб путешественников" и издательства "Общество по изучению тайн и загадок Земли". В альманахе публикуются оригинальные статьи российских и зарубежных исследователей тайн прошлого, загадок природы и мироздания, новости науки, предания и мифы различных народов, когда-либо населявших нашу планету, или по сей день живущих на ней, малоизвестные страницы творчества великих мастеров и т.д. Все статьи обязательно отвечают принципу многообразия мнений; их ограничивает лишь одно – несмотря на то, что часть авторов занимается проблемами, куда официальная наука пока ещё опасается вторгаться или относится к этим проблемам скептически, в своих изысканиях авторы всё-таки стараются использовать научные методы и прибегать к научно-обоснованной аргументации, а не к тому, что обычно принято трактовать как «плод воспаленного воображения». Ещё одним несомненным достоинством журнала является наличие множества высококачественных фотографий, сделанных самими авторами статей или независимыми фотографами, которые ранее нигде не публиковались

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