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Snakes Lived in Brain of the Ancients?

Collection of inexplicable things and facts
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Look closely at this engraved picture on the Ica stone, the age of which I determined in the book "Earth before the Flood - the world of sorcerers and werewolves" in appr. 17 million years (see also Intravital portraits of the ancients). There is distinctively seen on it, as an ancient surgeon pulls out  snakes from a head of a patient! Can't it mean, that beings pictured on the stones were an transitional link between dragon-people (reptiles) and usual people (mammals) into whom they could transform in the result of werewolvesness and by whom they in the long run remained?
Or it is not snakes, and peculiar (original) detailed representation of brains? If it is so then pictured on this and many other Ica stones scenes testify to a high level of evolution of the pictured on Ica stones  civilization (of subterranean settlement in Tulan-Chimostok) surgeons of which could do not only the most complicated by modern measures surgery operation on a heart transplantation, but also inconceivable now surgery operation on brain transplantation.

The section "Collection of inexplicable things and facts"

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my work "Ica stones - the messages from the underground settlement of ancient inhabitants of America of Tulan-Chimostok of 17 million years age", a series of my works in the section "Five world epochs and mankinds (humankinds) of the Maya, Nahua and Aztecs", and the work by A.Komogortsev "Damned collections or the testimonies, necessary to nobody, that dinosaurs were contemporaries of people"

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